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It's Okay, That's Love (Ep 2 Recap)

We left our leading man and lady in the middle of nowhere in the last episode, and unconscious to boot. How will they fare when they wake up? 1,739 more words


That Winter, The Wind Blows: Gorgeous & Intriguing Drama

Melodrama is not really my cup of tea and I try to avoid it since Autumn In My Heart. However That Winter, The Wind Blows… 1,140 more words

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It's Okay, That's Love (Ep 1 Recap)

I hope our first impression post got you excited for this series! What’s more fun than watching two people who dislike each other fall in love? 2,159 more words


Friday's EolJjang

Thought I was doing good. I had picked my choice earlier in the week and had written a post and it scheduled for posting and then I just HAD to watch… 241 more words


Song of the day- Gummy - Snow Flower 눈꽃

I’ve just finished watching k-drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다, and it was definitely one of the best melodramas I have seen. 367 more words


Shhhh! It's a secret! The best secret hideouts in drama land

What kind of evil mastermind or masquerading hero can get by without a secret hideout? Um, only the unsuccessful ones. I just finished watching Joseon Gunman’s eighth episode and I had one of those moments – “OH, so that is Yoon Kang’s super-secret hideout. 767 more words

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K-Drama "Must See" Recommendations

There are a lot of K-Dramas out there, but not all are worth watching.  I’ve barely begun to plumb the depths of this genre, but here are some of the dramas that I recommend you spend some time watching. 1,493 more words

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