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I Would Walk 500 Miles: In Praise of Journey

In these days of retailer-specific pre-order DLC, creatively devoid annual sequels, not-so-micro microtransactions in full-priced games, and the general greed and soullessness exhibited by many videogame developers and publishers, sometimes it can be easy to forget just how inventive, creative and artistically powerful the videogame medium can be. 1,932 more words


Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory speaks up against union blockage

Composer Austin Wintory (Journey, The Banner Saga, flOw) speaks out against his union over a possible $50,000 fine for scoring video games. Watch his video post below.


Sean Make Rant


I tried for a really long time to find the right words for this game. Therefore I am really proud that I finally made this post but I’m still not sure if I can really describe what Journey is. 114 more words


Indie Games vs AAA Titles

I’m a gamer. I have always been a gamer and most likely (much to wife’s chagrin) will always be a gamer. My love of games started, obviously, in my childhood with our Atari 2600. 1,529 more words

La tierra y los ensueños de la voluntad. Meditaciones en torno a Journey

La tierra y los ensueños de la voluntad. Meditaciones en torno a Journey

Hace tiempo escribí este ensayo.; tal cual preconiza el título, se trata de un estudio del videojuego… 1,722 more words

New Project in the Works for thatgamecompany

On their blog, thatgamecampany announced that they’d raised enough money to really step up their next game project.  The creators of the much-touted Flower & … 316 more words

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