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Journey & The Unfinished Swan makes the leap to PS4, both will be free to those who own them on other PlayStation platforms

Two indie darlings from the last generation are coming to the PlayStation 4.  thatgamecompany and Giant Sparrow have announced that Journey and The Unfinished Swan will be coming to the PlayStation 4.   149 more words


Brothers vs FLower vs Journey

In 1998 Half Life released to critical and commercial success. The game was heralded as a revolutionary FPS. Before Half Life, compelling stories were all but non-existent in video games outside of JRPGs like… 1,388 more words

'Journey' Coming to the PS4

The award-winning title that encapsulated players with its style and charm will be making its way to the PlayStation 4, its release date however, has not been publicized. 58 more words


"We gotta scrap the Volcano" - coffee with Kellee Santiago

Kellee is the kind of person I dream of being. Yes, she’s behind a handful of successful games (Flower and Journey), but more importantly, her games are… 256 more words

Journey Coming to PS4

Sony posted a list of playable games for PlayStation 4 and Vita on their Gamescom website 110 more words


'Journey' Coming to PlayStation 4?

I will admit, i missed out on Journey when it was released. In fact, i still have not played it to this day. Therefore, i am extremely excited about the news that it will potentially be hitting PlayStation 4. 310 more words


I Would Walk 500 Miles: In Praise of Journey

In these days of retailer-specific pre-order DLC, creatively devoid annual sequels, not-so-micro microtransactions in full-priced games, and the general greed and soullessness exhibited by many videogame developers and publishers, sometimes it can be easy to forget just how inventive, creative and artistically powerful the videogame medium can be. 1,932 more words