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Top 10 Flashback: September 3, 1971 - CKVN Vancouver

Hello there, faithful readers!  It’s time for another holiday, as we reflect and show our appreciation for the working men and women who made this country what it is by cooking steaks and burgers on a grill and drinking a bunch of beer.  680 more words

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T10FB Redux: August 29, 1977 - WYSL Buffalo

Originally written August 9, 2013.

Good evening, and welcome to Top 10 Flashback, our weekly “this week in…” feature.  I’m your host.

This week we will go back to the last week of August 1977, and we will travel to Buffalo, New York, home of the Bills, Niagara Falls, and asshole-deep snow, and look at the top ten songs at AM 1400, WYSL.  288 more words

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T10FB Redux: September 2, 1974 - KRIZ Phoenix

Originally written September 1, 2013.

Hi, kids!  It’s time for another Top 10 Flashback, Labor Day edition!  I’m the guy who wastes his time doing this every week.  488 more words

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Top 10 Flashback: August 27, 1976 - WFAA Dallas/Fort Worth

So, loyal readers, how the hell are you?  Give yourselves a big pat on the back for increasing the traffic here – keep it up and I’m gonna have to quit my day job!  903 more words

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T10FB Redux: August 24, 1970 - KDWB Minneapolis/St. Paul

Originally written August 13, 2013.

Hello once again, and welcome to Top 10 Flashback, an honored tradition since July 2013.  I’m your host, Dick Fitzwell. 615 more words

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Best audio moment from “Guardians of the Galaxy”

One of the things that I liked about the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie was the good1970s pop soundtrack that it had.  It was a mix of songs I both loved and hated — listening to the AM radio in my first-ever automobile: A 1969 Pontiac Bonneville station wagon.   437 more words


I Lost the Day

The Band, from the The Last Waltz, a documentary of their farewell concert directed by Martin Scorsese. I find the song quite powerful.

Here’s a first look at my improved personal blog, … 134 more words