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Repost-Heather McDonald At The WSJ: ' The Humanities Have Forgotten Their Humanity'

Piece here (link may not last)

Oh, the humanity.

I agree that students, when facing a syllabus, shouldn’t also have to face the great books mediated, nor their young minds circumscribed, by overt political ideologies. 523 more words

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Things to do when you are a bored 5 year old waiting for your dad - no1

I remember when I was very young you used to be able to get liquorice flavoured bubble gum.  Unlike ordinary gum it was black, it stained your teeth and tongue black and no self respecting parent would let their child have it. 206 more words


Repost-Hipster Romanticism? From The Atlantic Photo: 'Adventures Of A Serial Trespasser'

Photos here.

Isn’t ‘urban exploration’ a bit ruin-pornish?

The individual travels along with small groups, trespassing through cityscapes and abandoned buildings as though they were archeological ruins.   470 more words

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Micheal Berry

Old rich men. Young blondes. Almost no social sensitivity or criticism. The humor is mostly mundane. The pictures are signature. They are the same in each pic. 9 more words



I’ve finally put the finishing touches on an old poem, which I wrote about a friend and the trip we made one day from Brooklyn… 386 more words


How Did Bob Dylan Get So Weird?


Bob Dylan, 1964
Photo: © Daniel Kramer.

In August, a Bob Dylan album may well arrive in stores concrete and virtual. 4,012 more words


5 Reasons Why Paul, George, And Ringo Hated Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono has gone down in Beatles history as a home-wrecker — the woman who stole John from his wife, Cynthia — and the power-seeking witch who turned John against his bandmates. 984 more words