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what the 1% get about equality the 99% will never understand

Lets be real clear on this America our once great nation was founded on the premise of equal opportunity NOT equal out come. That is the beautiful difference between America and the rest of the world and a main component of why we were able to become the richest nation this world has ever seen because we opened up to the reality that life is not fair so lets at least give every one a fair shot. 703 more words


Who wears it better?

Standard of living compared in a Capitalist and Socialist first world country

Globally, America is professed to be the land of the free. Having now lived and traveled abroad, it seems a better descriptor would be that our nation is the land of the freeā€¦ Wi-Fi. 921 more words

The Pros And Cons Of Protesting

As usual many people take for granted so-called truisms which on closer investigation can often turn out to be totally false, incorrect and thoroughly misleading. 4,288 more words