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T'was the night before finals (video)

Story by Paige Dorn, read by Lionel Robertson, filmed/ edited by Nick Hermon

T’was the night before finals, when all throughout the dorm, 438 more words

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The Flannel Filcher and the Picken Pilferer still on the loose!

This past week Simpson was rocked by the revelation that thieves were running rampant on campus. Two separate, seemingly unrelated instances of thievery have left students terrified for their belongings and their personal safety. 519 more words

Simpson College

Students do not remember drinking water at 'Memory of Water'

By: Bill Hitt

Last weekend, Theatre Simpson put on several performances of the play “The Memory of Water” by Shelagh Stephenson. The play is about memory, with little mention of water, and now some controversy involving memory at the performances has come to the theatre department’s attention. 380 more words

Simpson College

Millie the ghost laid off as cost-saving measure

By: Heaven Perez

The sudden layoffs this semester have been met with shock from both students and staff, but the worst has been yet to come. 630 more words

Simpson College

Simpson College to replace Buxton Stadium with multi-million dollar Thunderdome.

While Simpson is in its current renovations phase, Buxton stadium is on the list for improvement. While there is nothing wrong with Buxton Stadium, it is not new, so it needs to be replaced with something shiny and new. 377 more words

Simpson College

Obituary: Gossip Squirrel dead due to hit and run

Gossip Squirrel, age four, of Indianola, Iowa, passed away October 15th from injuries suffered in a hit and run on W. Clinton Ave. near the Clinton Apartment block. 191 more words

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Ghost of Bill Buxton returns to fund the creation of a new mascot

Early last week the ghost of Bill Buxton returned to Simpson College to visit President Simmons to discuss yet another substantial donation to the college. 319 more words

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