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Controversy surrounds the Simpson Blizzard curling team

The New England Patriots have recently been the center of controversy surrounding the deflation of footballs used in the AFC Championship Game, but they are not the only team being accused to stacking the odds in their favor. 420 more words

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New 'Snap-Yak' app from EMERGE to be beta tested next year

Recent developments have finally come in from Simpson College’s EMERGE team about their new and exciting app. The app they dub “Snap-Yak” is an anonymous photo-sharing app that allows students to post photos without being identified. 336 more words

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ABP service slows to halt as students tear apart store looking for bread bag shoes

Service at popular campus restaurant Au Bon Pain (ABP) halted following a mass stampede of students climbing over the counter to raid the bread supply.  218 more words

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Our top five favorite cartoon squirrels

Squirrels may not be the most predominant character in entertainment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great cartoon squirrels out there. So here at “The Acorn” we’ve taken some time to catalog the top five cartoon squirrels. 357 more words

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Co-Founders of the Acorn found alive

DES MOINES – Co-Founders and Co-Editor-in-Chiefs of the Acorn Robert Lyons and Nick Hermon have been found alive and well. Their reappearance brings an end to a month long search for the two blossoming entrepreneurs who disappeared on over Christmas. 741 more words

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Ten ways to make a lasting impression on your new professors

  1. Be sure to arrive to class fashionably late. Your new professors will find this very classy and see you as a very important student.
  1. Address your professors by their first names- even if they haven’t given you permission to do so.
  2. 293 more words
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T'was the night before finals (video)

Story by Paige Dorn, read by Lionel Robertson, filmed/ edited by Nick Hermon Transcript- T’was the night before finals, when all throughout the dorm, Not a creature was stirring, not one single Storm. 429 more words

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