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8 Days Left - Kickstarter BLITZ

The KickstarterĀ has 8 Days Left, that means we need to raise $13,000.00 in 8 days! Is this impossible…. NO. Most kickstarter projects are funded in the final 72 hours, which means the last 72 hours is an all attack to get the project funded. 117 more words

Film News

Chrome Dome pg. 15

I finished updating all the Chapter Two pages. That means it’s officially a finalized part of the Big Clean!

I made some changes to the colors in this page, so I decided to post it… The rest that I completed today were only dialog/font updates.

Summer Reading Review: The Aftermath

What caught my attention about The Aftermath was the cover, an elegant woman: her hair put in a bun, pearl earrings in her ears, and a matching necklace around her neck. 349 more words

Book Club!

Chrome Dome, pg. 9

One more to go after this… I’m hoping to complete the last one today/tonight/early morning.

Chrome Dome Eight

Only two more to color and fully update, then back to doing completely new pages. Although, I have to say these updates make these old pages into something new and different, at least to me.