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1200 Techniques - The Age Feature Story

1200 Techniques caught up with The Age to discuss their new EP, ‪‎Time Has Come‬, which is available TODAY!!
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Deaf to the warnings

Australia has its warmest spring on record, Europe its warmest year in 500 years, South Africa its worst drought since 1933, the world its hottest year going back to 1880, but the Abbott government continues to bury its head in the sand about climate change. 8 more words

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The Saturday Age 21-11-14: Emily Floyd works offer hands-on experience by Andrew Stephens

Word to the wise: Children play with letters as part of an exhibition by artist Emily Floyd at the NGV. Photo: James Boddington

One of the most tantalising aspects of Emily Floyd’s EastLink tollway sculpture Public Art Strategy is how it toys with the child in us – as well as the children in the back of our cars. 135 more words

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The Sunday Age 19-10-14: Modern echo in century-old transgender murder mystery by Fiona Gruber

When Harry Crawford stood trial in Sydney for the murder of his wife Annie Birkett in 1920, the accusation that he bashed her with a rock and then burnt the body on waste ground was outdone by the revelation that Crawford was born a woman and baptised Eugenia Falleni. 231 more words

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Writing Resolutions

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. Or New Year. Or resolutions. Not really. But change is order of the day. I guess change is the order of every day in some way. 287 more words