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Press Laziness Press Propoganda The AGE pages 1-5 some excerpts show a very lopsided story


ASIO officers raided homes across Sydney and Brisbane arresting 15 people some as young as 17 or 19 who were later released…..The AGE

The raids were conducted on kids however the papers really made it sound as if it was a very organized gang if so why were all released and no charges laid?

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Tony Abbott

Rethinking the music doc

First published on The Age 

There are many directorial bear traps to be stumbled over in the making of a music documentary. Fans need to be appeased, novices welcomed, performance footage included, an artist’s ego flattered. 1,046 more words


The Macdonald Age - MICHELLE PINI meets a living legend

Published in The Weekly Review


As Ranald Macdonald enters the bustling café, several diners look up.

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Antarctic researcher still blown away by continent's beauty

Intrepid marine ecologist Dr Jonny Stark first visited Antarctica aboard Australia’s Aurora icebreaker in 1997. The sensation of sailing the freezing sea as part of his doctoral research felt “completely alien”, says Dr Stark, 46, speaking from his Dodges Ferry home near Hobart. 6 more words

Sydney Morning Herald

‘Elementary, my dear Watson’: logic, football and media commentators

The Age reports that one-time footballer and media commentator Tim Watson has said that James Hird was ‘not in denial’ about the supplements program run by the Essendon Football Club. 38 more words


The Age 18-08-14: Director Gary Abrahams' fascination with guilt moves him to stage Therese Raquin by Cameron Woodhead

Playwright Declan Greene once remarked that Gary Abrahams was probably the most radical theatre director in Melbourne: fearless about making unfashionable work and daring, at a moment when pronouncements were being made about the death of “literary theatre”, to believe in the power of text on stage. 244 more words

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