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Either governments need to stop these attacks or acknowledge that it's impossible

From the New York Times:

The Boston Marathon bombers made public comments about their beliefs, and this guy in Canada definitely showed signs but yet he was not prevented from an attack. 38 more words

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Former Spooks don't have to follow Spook Rules

From the Washington Post:

I have been long baffled by the respect and deference shown by almost everybody to the CIA/Spooks.  Maybe it’s all the Hollywood movies/propaganda.   99 more words

The Collapse Of Civilization

All aboard the Clinton War Machine!

From CBS News:

Smells like she wants to be President and if you’re gonna be President you gotta kill a lot of people or at least promise to, or at least do it quietly with drones.   63 more words

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That looks like everybody is getting phone/internet watched

From the Intercept:

That looks like a bit too much computing power for 17,000 dudes in ISIS out in the middle of the desert.

The rest of it is probably meant for you and me.

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Zombie America: no creativity, no inner life, no complexity, no dissent

From here:

No creativity — cliche crap is easier to sell.
No inner life — c’mon that cuts down on shopping time
No complexity — simple shit for simple people. 11 more words

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Ah, I'll take See No Evil Hear No Evil for $500, Alex!

From Huffpo:

The ISIS beheadings were ‘released’ to scare the shit out of Americans, and unlike George W. Bush in Iraq, mission accomplished.

If full color footage of drone strikes complete with bloody bodies and double tap strikes when the drone comes back and launches missiles at people helping survivors, we might see the level of discomfort move up dramatically. 20 more words

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The epic clash between Geek Money and Spook Power!!!

From the New York Times here:

Well, I don’t like either the Geeks or the Spooks but I’m gonna have to give this one to the Geeks. 78 more words

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