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So it turns out that terrorists (for a long time) have assumed monitored communications

From the Intercept:

I’m gonna have to go with the common sense approach here.

Terrorists aren’t stupid, they’re not cray, and they know that their political enemies are monitoring communications. 13 more words

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Spy Machine not just self-defence, used to f*ck with others

From the Guardian:

Sold to us as a defense against terrorism, it looks like it is that as well as a form of terrorism to be used against others. 11 more words

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Of course, ISIS (and everything that sucks) is Snowden's fault

From the aw shucks, quasi-con man Henry Blodget at Business Insider:

In a classic public relations manner, even though he’s only posing the question Blodget is connecting Edward Snowden and ISIS in the minds of the public. 28 more words

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Let freedom of speech ring like a Stalinist fart!

From the Intercept:

The folks who fight the wars for us should know even more so they know what they’re fighting for, right?

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Gov. Rick Perry advancing his political career using ISIS paranoid fever!

From Bloomberg:

Terrorists, real, imagined, or inflated are an absolute gold mine for politicians.

They sweep away scandal, indictments.  You don’t need to fix the broken economy, you just have to go kill some brown people.   33 more words

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James Foley's death aftermath vs. Michael Brown's death aftermath

In the aftermath of James Foley’s beheading video there has been no shortage of people in power clamoring for a change of policy to prevent further events like this.   138 more words

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