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The Grand Crossroad

Beloved, this is the celestial team. We greet You with LOVE as always. We also feel a sense a sense of urgency to transmit our message to You at this moment of your time, this weekend before the peaking of your Cardinal Grand Cross. 384 more words

Multi-Dimensional Tech Support And Love/Light Guidance

Stop Going Outside Jay Z.

Jay Z :
I Have to Tell You Something.
You’re Embarassing.
Stop going outside when I’m tryna’ talk to you.
Everyone can see you.
Everyone can see my Feelings. 401 more words


"The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek."

The title of this message is a quote by Joseph Campbell, and this is Judith. The celestial team and I haven’t posted an entry for quite awhile, I know…or… 799 more words

Multi-Dimensional Tech Support And Love/Light Guidance

2.22.14 Musings from the Stew of Love

WHY is it so “hard” to see that the most precious gifts we bring to one another are our differences? Why are we so AFRAID to receive the rich expansions we offer one another? 729 more words

Navigating The Energies Of NOW

judithdagley reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

Ah, Beloved! Never doubt the wisdom within You, nor how much You teach those of us in the higher realms as You open to explore and express your awakenings to your deeper truths. We tell You that we have gained more in our own expansion through the privilege of receiving the channelings of "one of your own" as she transmiitted this post than You can imagine-- yet! How creative, how clever, how heartfelt-- how RICH You all are, in your capacity to FEEL your way into your own divinity! What a glorious and nourishing "Stew of Love" such a gift brings to your universe. How we love YOU! Always and in All Ways-- the celestial team