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Dan Slott's Spider-Verse: Peter Parker sadly gives off 'Where's Waldo?' vibe in his own book

There’s a line from 2004′s “The Incredibles” where the villain Syndrome says, “When everyone’s super, no one will be.” Dan Slott’s “Spider-Verse” tale operates on many of the same levels — when the Marvel Universe is filled within an infinite amount of “Spider-Men,” it becomes much harder to distinguish why Peter Parker is special. 318 more words


Sony’s Doing What With Aunt May? – Yet Another Crazy Spider-Man Rumor

Did you know that Spider-Man is the most licensed character in all of comics, with total licensing sales in 2013 ($1.3 billion) easily surpassing the second closest character, Batman ($494 million)? 747 more words

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Character of the Day: Moon Knight

Nerdgasms’ Character of the Day (COTD) will examine a different Marvel or DC character every day of the week. Be sure to check back at 9:00 a.m. 152 more words

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Aunt May Film Rumored

This past week it was rumored that Aunt May, from The Amazing Spider-Man series, would be getting her own solo film. I heard about this news and I immediately disregarded it as some stupid rumor somebody made up. 147 more words

Aunt May

Sony is going to screw up Spider-Man

Sony wants Spider-Man to be as big as The Avengers. Not realising there is a limit to milking out a franchise. 358 more words


Tris tries to save her mom in first “Insurgent” look

The first look at the upcoming movie Insurgent was released today.

In the teaser, we see Tris trying to save her mom as the world falls apart around her. 169 more words