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Things A Little Crack Told Me

        I never realized how non-essential it really was to my life. I never realized how worthless it could really be. I never realized what a freedom I had without it. 576 more words

The Art Of Living

I'm Back!

         Hey guys, I’m finally back! It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote ANYTHING, but I’m here and I’m ready to tear this thing apart! But where was I for the past two weeks? 500 more words

The Art Of Living

Fashion News: Vanzarile Producatorilor de Articole de Lux Marcate de Incertitudinile Economice Si Politice

Prada, a inregistrat in primul trimestru, cel mai lent avans al vanzarilor din ultimii trei ani, ca efect al cererii scazute din unele tari asiatice si Europa. 249 more words


Why do we Judge others?

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji

We Are Lower Than Those Whom We Condemn

“There is a wonderful story told of two monks who had renounced the world and taken vows of celibacy and simplicity. 34 more words

The Art Of Living

Investigating Life and Seeking Practices that Lead to Happier, Healthier, and Productive Existences: An Introduction

This blog is an attempt at articulating my curiosity, my confusion, my love, my frustrations, my findings, and my fascination with the contradictions of the human journey, the art of living and self-expression, and what that looks like when social positions in different contexts are taken to account. 207 more words

Sutras for Good Marriage

By Paramahamsa Yogananda

A marriage should begin on a sound foundation of real love and cooperation around common ideals. Love is always pure, divine, but it becomes colored by the personality of the outer human self – as clear water appears colored if placed in a colored glass vessel; the vessel itself must be crystal clear in order to reflect the purity of its contents.

The next …

The Art Of Living

Most Important Time of the Day

         The average human being lives about 78.7 years. That equals 944.4 months, which equals 28725.5 days. So, 28,726 days to live. Seems a lot shorter than what you expected? 742 more words

The Art Of Living