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Freedom comes from Within, This is in our Control.

Do you want to be free and be happy? To do this you must let go. To do this you must recognize that you are human. 352 more words


Tiny Robots and Digital Fallout

Tiny robots are best left out
Regarded, winked at
Automata ticking ‘gainst a windowpane
of fleeting interests
Industrial entertainment hexes
Puppet strings for the kids… 94 more words


Don't Be Lazy!

I hope I’m not the only human on this planet that feels guilt for being lazy. We’re all lazy by nature, by default! I mean, it’s not our fault, right? 616 more words

The Art Of Living

How NOT to Procrastinate

        You want to get your assignment done. You truly, genuinely want to get your work finished. But you suddenly get a new Facebook notification, followed by a text message, and you just realized that Walking Dead is on right now. 469 more words

The Art Of Living

Hello World!

         I’ve been given loads of inspiration from people, but I believe the person I must give the most credit to is my father. I know I haven’t been appreciating his influence on me enough. 319 more words

The Art Of Living

How NOT to Piss People Off (And Maybe Make A Few Friends!)

        I highly recommend reading the book “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*CK”. Despite the somewhat profane title, it is a great read. It has really taught me how to communicate with others, as well as make people ACTUALLY change their “annoying” ways without making them want to stab you with a pitchfork. 461 more words

The Art Of Living

So You Want To Be An Artist?

         The majority of humans understand what art is, right? Art is, in simple terms, expression of creativity, imagination, and emotion. We’ve all seen examples of art everywhere like: The Mona Lisa (Leonardo Da Vinci), Starry Night ( Vincent Van Gogh), and contemporary pieces everywhere. 586 more words

The Art Of Living