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Horror of the blank page.

What writer doesn’t wince when confronted with a blank page? Will the words and ideas come? Will they only encounter the dreaded writer’s block? That arch – nemesis that tangles with writers the way Moriarty tangled with Holmes, leaving them in a paroxysm of fear whilst an editor barks down the telephone about deadlines. 279 more words

PUBLISHED: Rock Of Ages review

The other day I spent the day all day in studio, rehearsing the new show I am producing, then went to the theatre to watch “Rock of Ages”, as I was reviewing it for Latest Media, then drove home in a robotic state before writing said review in bed at 2am. 120 more words

The Analyst...

Free handed painted "the Crow" shirt

            I was thinking of things that have been under apercatied (Well in my case) and wanted to pay a tribute to it. And i thought of Brandon Lee. 58 more words



“There are three ways in which a statement, especially a disputable statement, can be placed before mankind.  The first is to assert it by avowed authority; this is done by deities, the priests of deities, oracles, minor poets, parents and guardians, and men who have “a message to their age”. 

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Animal slip ons, upon getting these

          before i painted these i had no idea what i was going to paint. But then i saw a trailer for muppets most wanted. Then i painted the charater i relate to most… Animal LOL! 68 more words


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Market yourself. FASHIONABLY.

We project a certain image of ourselves. YOU as you are, are a product, a product which needs to be marketed correctly to create a brand called YOU. 335 more words