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Deep Guided Meditation for Sleep and Good Dreams



To sleep and perhaps to dream…Techniques, traditions, practises, and tricks taken from the ancient masters all the way up to present day, state of the art,…
Divine Aim

music book the 2nd page, ocd drawing of the day Going to have to zoom in, sorry)

when i was drawing the sharpie i was using ran out of ink, so i had to pick up a pen nearby to finish it. Its done the bad news is that the lines are so fine its hard to see it on the camera. 17 more words

Punk The Puppets

The Romanticism of the Record Player

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bon Iver, and overall folk tunes lately, likely because it reminds me of a great trip I took this past year where I pretty much listened to it for 12 straight hours (I always have to have a musical theme for my trips!), and I’m a gluten for nostalgia. 424 more words

The Stories

OCD drawing of the day - music book

This is my music book that i have. when im waiting i have to do somthing. so i draw fine lines and it takes the edge off. 23 more words

Punk The Puppets

Junk punk roses !

Here are some roses i made. this is a style i call “junk punk”. It is made out of a walmart tote, duct, tape, giltter and a broken fence wire.

The Art

An Unexpected Art Medium

When you and I look at ripe fruit hanging off of a tree, we probably share some common thoughts.

It’s beautiful.

is it ripe?

Can I eat it yet? 139 more words


Build Us an Art Piece You're the Lego Man...

Some people would say that Nathan Sawaya, has Sawaya too much time on his hands.  (See what I did there?).  I may agree, but then I would add, “Well, at least he uses all his extra time to make kick ass lego art!”.   112 more words