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Understanding the Dress Shirt: Custom Shirt

Great article from The Art of Manliness.

A man’s dress shirt can elegantly frame his face during a presentation and later absorb his perspiration during a tough round of questioning. 606 more words

3 - Well-Dressed Wednesday

pokemon caligraphy

here is a caligraphy brush of pokemon that i made for my friend in japan. this is when i first got the pen Alright i am literally running out the door right now ill add tags later

The Art

Steampunk caligraphy brush and pen sketch


Have you ever wanted to figure somthing out so badly you wouldn’t stop even if it killed you? I got the steampunk spirt during this sketch. 53 more words

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Grout Girls

Yep, remember how Nancy was doing a little pre-Mosaic Marathon #2 grouting on Panel 3?  Well, here are the pictures she sent from those episodes: 43 more words

Church Mosaic

Vintage Dracula poster shirt

Here’s another custom shirt that i made from the kiaosk that i worked at. it was pressed on, but then i fliped it and washed it inside out to distress it. 61 more words

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Lucky Drinks bad beer

This was a MONSTER to complete. It took way longer than expected, i had to go between each line by hand. But now it can be somthing that im proud of. 56 more words

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Convincing Detail: Making Readers Believe

by Charnell Peters

Jef Mallett, creator and artist of the comic Frazz, said, “Writing well means never having to say, ‘I guess you had to be there.’” 559 more words