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ink on...ears wide open

Yep. That figures. I take a bit of a break – a year? eighteen months? Might as well be forever if the point was to document the little people. 855 more words


11 Months-Remembering

I watched a segment of the MTV show, “16 and Pregnant” today at an Adoption training. It involved a couple’s story of pregnancy, birth and adoption. 281 more words

Our Life [as It Happens]

Spring Time

We are LOVING the warm weather that has finally come to Minnesota. Spring has been just as busy as the rest of the year has been, but we are learning to enjoy the moments we have as a family! 171 more words

Our Life [as It Happens]

Afton at 10 Months

Cannot believe this happened. It’s taken awhile to talk about it since my baby is now only 2 Months away from turning 1! I’m very emotional these days whenever I think of it…or when I see a baby smaller than her. 547 more words

Our Life [as It Happens]

Days 7, 8, 9 & 10

The rest of the time without Johnny went pretty quickly as I was working and because my mom was able to stay with us for the remainder of the week until day 9. 484 more words

Our Life [as It Happens]

Spring Break (Days 3 & 4)

There aren’t a lot of other photos to capture days 3 and 4, although I did consider photographing the scale to prove that after nearly 10 months I’m finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight…thanks to yet another flu bug that attacked me Monday morning =/ 402 more words

Our Life [as It Happens]