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Office makeover is like watching paint dry...

Hi there,

My office makeover is going about as fast as watching paint dry. But, at least the painting is all done now, although I’m still doing my best to get rid of the paint fumes by opening the window, using a fan to exchange air, and lighting candles to help burn off the yucky smell. 136 more words

The Back Story

Office Makeover Continues

Hello World,

I remain determined to make over my office space until it’s fit for people, plants, and animals to enter. My goal is that all living things will want to stay a while once venturing inside. 124 more words

Licorice All Sorts (everything Else!)

Ahhhh! 24 Hours Later...

Sigh of relief! I can see my desk again!

This is my second installment on the clean up of my out-of-control messy home office. I must have unleashed my best paper-fighting superpowers to get all this done in just one day, no? 66 more words

Licorice All Sorts (everything Else!)

Writer needs rescuing from Messy Desk Syndrome

Aaack! How did this happen? It was only a few years ago that I did an entire re-organization of my home office space–and now this. It’s not only impossible to be productive in a mess like this, it’s downright demoralizing. 155 more words

Licorice All Sorts (everything Else!)