The REAL "Bad Seed", (Part 2)

By Glen Russell Slater

As the months went by, I was sort of an outsider in Baldwin in the Dartmouth Street/Grant Street/Short Place/Madison Avenue/Westervelt Avenue area. 1,176 more words

The REAL "Bad Seed"

By Glen Russell Slater

Note- This is not going to be one of my best pieces, probably because it is the true story of how I became friends with a sociopathic boy at the tender age of six. 754 more words

Baldwin Long Island

My Reading List - The Cult Fictions

Henry Farrell

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

So I finally stumbled upon the novel that inspired Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  I’d been looking for it when I was doing my MA, and behold!  1,002 more words


THE BIRTHDAY PARTY // Mutiny/The Bad Seed (4AD)

What makes the release even more disturbing is considering the musical scope delivered by the majority of other releases that came out at this time. I have to admit listening to it on my iPod over the past two weeks during my daily walk to work has affected me. 556 more words

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