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Randomness is Generally the Plan

You know whether or not you would sleep with someone within five minutes of meeting them.

Just a thought.

That is how I approach everyone now. 126 more words

The Bad

"You're a slut, you aren't easy; there's a difference."

Hello lovers!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I had to get some fucks in a row and start living life in a less lonely way. Right now, I’m actually living with my boyfriend. 398 more words


Discarded and it Feels so Good

Not really. This is what it’s like.

I’m not walking around all mopey and shit. Im not sending him tons of messages and asking why. I still have a life to live and I still have a wonderful husband to love. 36 more words

The Bad

[insert pithy title here]

I have been reading through my previous posts looking to find a way to talk about things I don’t want to talk about (yes, it should sound like I’m 4). 1,060 more words

How the Cookie Crumbles

It wasn’t all roses and unicorn farts though. We had it hard. But we had it bad for each other. I was now going through a divorce which was way messier then his. 530 more words

The Bad