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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Most people on this beautiful Earth are blessed with many qualities, both good and bad. I say most people because there are a handful out there that seem to be made of nothing but nastiness, like people who shoot up elementary schools or bomb entire nations. 195 more words

My Thoughts


Darlene brought the assigned text to her final reading exam, but she had not prepared it as I had instructed the class to do. Sighing loudly and pointedly, she got out her pink and blue highlighters and began to read through the text, marking almost every sentence on the front page in either pink or blue. 1,956 more words


My Bad

The first day I met Tyrone, he was sucking his thumb. I don’t mean in any sort of half-assed way either. He was fully committeed. His thumb was pushed into his mouth all the way up to the joint; his pointer finger was hooked over his nose, competing for space with his glasses, which were crookedly perched on one ear with only one arm. 1,689 more words



Let me get this part out of the way. I am a good teacher. According to one of my students yesterday, I am an “excellent, excellent, excellent teacher.” Last week, a former student found me to say that I had changed her life forever. 639 more words