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On July 17, 2003 after one last sentimental trip with my family on the Oregon Coast I left my home in Seattle for New York and then on to Europe for an adventure, not really knowing when I would move back. 858 more words


Seasonally Affected Disorder

Apologies to anyone who dropped by for advice on winter blues. This post is about a play currently showing at The National Theatre in London. It is the Royal National now but honestly I don’t think anyone ever, ever calls it that! 797 more words

Balkan Cancer.

Depleted uranium shells.


Albanian Traditional Costume

Beautiful Albanian Girl in Traditional Costume.


Albanian People

Today in World History: December 3rd

The First Balkan War, a war between the Balkan League, which consisted of Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire, paused today in 1912. 57 more words


Land of Waste: How Albania Became Europe's Rubbish Tip

‘Albania is slowly sinking under the weight of Europe’s waste. This report investigates an industry of waste that is both necessary for survival, yet a threat for many Albanians. 166 more words


Conrad Black (2014.11.22)

Vladimir Putin’s mindless cynicism

Bismarck warned against the great powers becoming involved in the quarrels of the Balkan “sheep-stealers;” he was ignored and the hecatomb of The First World War followed.

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