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Sarajevo Roses and Mostar's scars

I’m now in Belgrade, but I feel I am starting to catch up with the blog. Bosnia was a beautiful country with some amazing food but its obviously still a place trying to come to terms with its recent history, here is my experience of it’s two most famous cities. 1,355 more words


US ambassador to Kosovo hired by construction firm he lobbied for

Paul Lewis, Lawrence Marzouk, Petrit Collaku and Erjona Rusi write for The Guardian:

A US ambassador to Kosovo, who lobbied for the construction of a $1bn road through the war-torn country, has taken up a post with the American construction giant that secured the lucrative contract. 252 more words


EU removes Philippine and Swazi airlines from its blacklist

By Jonathan Stearns

The European Union lifted a ban on Cebu Air Inc. of the Philippines and all Swaziland-based airlines under the latest changes to a list of unsafe carriers. 413 more words


You Should Go To Macedonia

If I’m being honest, I never would have chosen to visit any country in eastern Europe if I hadn’t been assigned to Peace Corps Albania. Like most Americans, when I used to think of eastern Europe my mind conjured up black-and-white images of communist soldiers marching with eerie precision, graffiti scribbled on the walls of crumbling buildings, and–as a friend put it–”poverty and tears.” Never would I ever have expected to find so much BEAUTY in this part of the world, from the nature to the history to the culture. 717 more words



Scampi: I would like to begin this essay by first establishing.


Scampi: Peter?

Peter: Yes?

Scampi: Well, what do you think? 973 more words


There's no such Thing as a Dumb Question pt. II: Why did WWI start because some duke was killed?

The First World War was a defining moment of the Twentieth Century, and of our times. While assassinations are by no means trivial in world diplomacy, what was precisely important about Archduke Franz Ferdinand, why did Serbia support the Black Hand organization, and furthermore, why were Germany and Russia so angry about it? 810 more words


Secessionism on the March in Europe

Jason Ditz writes for Antiwar:

Several thousand protesters from across the continent turned out today in the European Union capital city of Brussels. Several nations were represented, none of them currently recognized, and all had the same message:  290 more words