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After the Flood: Mines and Mass Graves in Bosnia

‘An estimated 120,000 landmines still litter the Bosnian countryside since the end of the war there in 1995, making daily life a challenge for hundreds of thousands of people.  109 more words


Tomb found in ancient Greek city may be linked to Alexander the Great

Archaeologists in Greece have discovered a vast tomb that they believe is connected with the reign of the warrior-king Alexander the Great, who conquered vast areas of the ancient world between Greece and India. 405 more words


Michael Den Tandt: We need mandatory minimums for politicians who fleece

Is there a public-interest argument for much tougher penalties, including debilitating fines and automatic hefty jail terms, for politicians who are found to have bilked taxpayers on their expense claims in significant amounts, say more than $5,000? 935 more words

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A Week in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a city rich in history and I knew that this was a city I wanted to spend at least a week seeing.  I had first heard of Sarajevo during high school because the siege of Sarajevo was always in the news and you couldn’t help but not know about what was happening during that time.   1,052 more words

The Balkans

7: The Tiger's Wife, at last

For some unknown reason, I kept forgetting to read The Tiger’s Wife. So without further delay, I will explain why that was such a shame. 362 more words

"... [she] passes over her personal memories as if writing them on water": Danilo Kis, 'A Tomb for Boris Davidovich'

I heard as if dazed, the murmur coming from the salon, accompanied by the din of silver utensils like the tinkling of bells, as saw as through a fog the world we had left behind, and which was irretrievably sinking into the past, as into murky water… 1,489 more words

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A Reflection of the Balkans

The post is dedicated to the many wonderful people I met during my Balkan journey.  I was inspired by each of you and I hope I was able to also add a little spark into your journey.   33 more words

The Balkans