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The Bazaar: Chapter 32

Blown Away

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion Emily was surprised but not afraid.

Surprise was okay. Fear was not.

It wasn’t the first time she’d seen a bomb explode, and it was far from the largest bomb she’d ever seen go off. 656 more words


Eye Candy: The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

Well, we all know the fall chill has set in, so the post on The Standard Hollywood is likely to be the last of the pools scenes for a bit ;), but the beautiful thing about hotels is the good ones are just as fabulous for a day out as they are for a night in, and what better way to spend a chilly evening on the town than cozied up with a little something, or in this case, a lot of something, luxurious.   163 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 31

War 2.0

Once more Faisal abandoned his hardware setup and zoned out. His unfettered consciousness circled at just over 5,000 feet, raining down destruction with the modern military equivalent of +2 acid arrows: Hellfire missiles. 293 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 30


Emily’s colleague, Mister Pritchard, had brought a pair of armored, bullet-proofed SUVs to the prison. The military police saw them off cheerfully. They were rich now, after all. 1,213 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 29


The laughing death’s head disappeared from Faisal’s flatscreen, leaving a black void in its place. Behind him the VIPs murmured. He didn’t need a translation from Paolo to know they were wondering whether this was a problem or just part of the show. 665 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 28

Free at Last

Emily shouldered her way through the MPs who’d congregated on the cell block. Each time it went the same way. She pushed hard with her shoulder or elbow, the victim turned to get a look at the offending body part and then, invariably, his jaw dropped at the sight of the slight brunette dressed like a hooker forcing her way through this directionless mob of military men. 629 more words


The Bloggette Bites: The Bazaar by José Andrés (Los Angeles Special Edition)

Located in the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills nests a quaint restaurant filled with culinary magic, The Bazaar. Featuring New American, tapas style dining, this is the place to go when you’re out for a night in the town. 1,114 more words

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