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The Bazaar: Chapter 40

Faisal’s Nightmare

Faisal didn’t immediately perceive the missile impact. He couldn’t feel it and he couldn’t immediately see it, either, what with the FLIR camera being mounted on the underside of the fuselage. 297 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 39

Grand Finale

Fulton heard a tremendous commotion rise up somewhere behind the vehicle. Another missile, probably. He twisted to look out the SUV’s shattered rear window. 76 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 38

Dance of Death

Emily watched the drone enter a ninety-degree dive, looking for all the world like an over-sized lawn dart.

She had never seen one maneuver so violently. 226 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 37

Evasive Action

Faisal saw the Lady Merc.

He saw the flash, the smoke trailing out behind it.

Fucking Strela. Growing up around Russian military hardware Strela became Faisal’s generic term for all man-portable air defense systems. 59 more words


Top Ten Reasons why L.A. Is Amazing

When I went last summer on the road trip across California, everyone was praising San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Yet very few had to say anything positive about Los Angeles. 601 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 36


Emily recognized the drone immediately.

It was a US EXPED Raptor. They used them to interdict drug shipments, for high-altitude recon, for targeted assassination (dirty word, that). 499 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 35

Fulton’s Plan

If AI Quarantine worked against a military-grade hunter-killer AI it stood to reason it would work on a civilian novelty app. Fulton queued it up to scan his own chipset — more specifically Reese’s suicide note. 152 more words