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Jim Carrey sings I Am The Walrus while George Martin look on, does nothing to stop it

I didn’t bother to look up why this happened: Jim Carrey covered "I Am The Walrus" with Beatles producer George Martin helping out. I’m just going to let this exist and not ponder why. 132 more words

Music Reviews

Leading a Subject with the Fab 4!

All You Need is Love!
Well, The Beatles aren’t completely right if you relate it to leading a subject, but I believe it’s a big part of it. 1,179 more words

Billboard Top 5: August 15, 1964

Thanks to the Gulf of Tonkin incident (and the resulting Congressional resolution), the Vietnam War essentially began in August of 1964. Hey, at least the music was good! 594 more words


Eight Days A Week - The Beatles

this song makes me insanely happy. ALSO 60 FOLLOWERS! you guys are all great! thanks for reading my attempts at poetry and giving me excellent feedback all the time! blessings :)


Day 83: "A Hard Day's Night"

When was it recorded?   Apr. 16, 1964

When was it first released, and on which album?  Jul. 10, 1964 on “A Hard Day’s Night”

Who wrote it? 1,145 more words



Hi all,

My name is Charli May, I am a 19 year old photography student from England. I have decided to document the ins and outs of my life from my photography to the books I read to the music I am listening too.  161 more words