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I love how this song titled Blackbird but have a calm rhythm, nice lyrics, and so short. So, black bird is not really dark for me now… 67 more words


F.A.F Album Review: Maybelleen- 'Gold In Our Hands'

Canada. It’s a country. It’s got some people in it. Some of these people are drivers. Some of them are bank executives. One of them is a scientist. 601 more words


Monster Blog Wednesday: Favorite Cover Songs

Music is the essence of life. I think Bill Paxton said that, and quite frankly we agree with everything that man/God has to say. While it’s cool to see artists create original music, everybody loves a good cover song, and we’re no different. 226 more words

Bubble Parenting

Life has a way of colliding with you. Whether you like it or not you may be bumped, bashed and bowled over by life and you may end up with bruised and broken parts. 541 more words