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A-scrub a-dub dub, Enzo's in the tub

I wouldn’t say that I’m gross, but I wouldn’t say I’m anal about germs, dirt or grim either. The Mr. on the other hand… He’s definitely my opposite. 216 more words

Adventures With Enzo

From a broken-hearted to a realistic

I met a guy in september, we went on a “I don’t know if it’s a date, you tell me”, it’s like when you go out with someone to talk about something like: an event he’s supposed to tell you about but he doesn’t mention the subject for more than 5 mins without telling you any details then you both start talking about random stuff so you’re like “wait, are we on a date?” I don’t care I feel comfy and happy until surprise: “this is the first time I go out on a date and see too many cats” 218 more words

Love Story

Mommy & Enzo's Grand Adventure

As you may have gathered in previous posts, the Mr. and me don’t have a standard living arrangement. Not that it’s weird or totally unheard of, but it’s not typical to live with another couple and for both couples to have dogs. 1,047 more words

Adventures With Enzo

Boys from the past.

Fake names ; here’s everything you need to know:
1. Ziad: a guy that I met last year, we went on few dates and I have/had feelings for him(feelings mch fixed) he broke my heart but we still talk for no reason w he’s like a ghost, he doesn’t want to lose me but also he doesn’t care about me. 217 more words


Love Does Not Have to Come Wrapped inPain

I found this leaf on a camping trip in the spring of this year. Near the fire pit at my campsite, it literally stopped me in my tracks.  288 more words

The Beginning

Just a Start

Hi, this is my first post and it is more of an explanation than an actual post. When I was growing up I hated writing. Its odd now because despite the complete repulsiveness writing had in my younger years, I now have two blogs. 224 more words


[ALT INSTAGRAM] 24.11.14 John Egg posteaza fotografii cu JYJ / John Egg shares photos with JYJ

와~~~~~추억이다…추억 _ #JYJ #에그 #추억 #김재중 #박유천 #김준수 #사랑해요 #평생같이가자 instagram.com/p/vzlXQzmFc-/

Wow~~~~~O amintire…suvenir_ #JYJ #egg #memory #KimJaejoong #ParkYoochun #KimJunsu #love-you (va iubesc) #let’s-get-along-for-the-rest-of-our-lives (sa ne intelegem bine pt tot restul vietii) 98 more words