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Confidence Brought to You by Tamales and Deodorant

I would like to take a hot second (or a cold one since it is Fall in Michigan) to give a shout out to Biddy who scored 100% on a college exam! 774 more words



Hey, guys! I’m claiming my blog on the Bloglovin’ site, so you can now follow me through there if you would like. I also added a widget on the right side of my blog that will allow you to simply click a button to follow me through Bloglovin’. 33 more words

The Beginning

My kind of Halloween

I love the spirit of Halloween and the energy that comes with it. Although Europeans might not celebrate Halloween with quite the pomp and circumstance that some other countries do, it’s still a very loved holiday. 656 more words

The Beginning

Healthy with Chyawanprash

It was in 2003, that we moved to Hyderabad from the hot and humid Chennai.  Me and my two daughters, in classes 1 and 3, were pretty excited about the shift. 654 more words

The Beginning

An impossible quest.

Two hundred and five days ago, my new best friend walked out a trailer. Nostrils flaring, piaffing on the spot and dripping with sweat from the longest journey of his life thus far. 777 more words


My New Blog

Hello I’m Nojiko (not my real name)

This is my website Penny’s Thoughts basically my opinions on different things I see. When I get more followers I might expand my horizons but until then this is just my blog. 34 more words

My First Blog

"Let's start the show"


Well, as “they” like to say “let’s start the show”!!! Today is going to be the beginning of my blogging journey! I wanna share my “going through life” experience with my readers, because life is what i love the most with its amazing “every day” discoveries included. So, are you ready?