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Don't Judge a Book...

Isn’t that the saying? Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover huh? Well, can you judge a house by its decade old, faded paint job? Or maybe by it’s overgrown shrubbery and jungle of palm trees? 508 more words

The Beginning

Mum's Diagnosis Pt. 2.

In the first few days that followed the diagnosis, I felt a strong sense of anger begin to creep over me.

I remember specifically being in Booths in Kendal and a female member of staff wouldn’t let my Mum pay for the newspaper at the upstairs checkout- she had to go downstairs. 376 more words

The Beginning

Bad things that happen when you run in summer

1) the heat.. Oh my god the heat!! It’s horrendous, if it’s a muggy hot humid day that Britain loves to throw at us in July, it’s like running through soup! 226 more words

The Beginning

Impatiently waiting in the Assembly Area

Obviously before setting myself this challenge I had to have the basis of an idea.  It has taken at least three months of soul searching and wacky ideas to finally come up with an idea that is worth committing time and money to. 371 more words


The first step

I took what traditionally has always been the hardest step for me. I went to the gym!

Getting my foot in the door has always been a struggle. 226 more words

The Beginning


We hit 1,000+ fans on our Facebook Page last night, we’re feeling pretty elated and wishing we all had a shot of that whiskey you know is hiding in the back of your Dad’s closet that’s 40 years old.  8 more words

Nakid Mag


Travel. Wander. Go.

These are the words that are always in my brain. There are many more but these are the main three. When I wake in the morning, my first thought is how many more months I have to save money…seven long, yet short months. 130 more words