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The Beginning

There have been different views on how man came to be. We will be looking at the two most accepted views in our day in age. 258 more words


A display for Star Wars figures.

I am going to build a small display unit for my nephew’s Star Wars figures.

Question… What materials can I get inexpensively that will handle what I throw at it, to build what I need rather than buy what I can afford (currently that would mean a folding TV tray and a few Dollar Store containers). 342 more words


Sorry, I didn't know it was a contest

My last Twiniversity blog was about giving Buds attention after the girls came home. It wasn’t meant to be a sob story about having three kids, it was more of a reminder of how important it is to ensure that all your kids, no matter how many you have, know that they are loved and are special. 417 more words


Putting the Pain in Painting

Years ago, I used to actually do those weight machines at the gym – the ones where you push and pull and lift to work various arm and shoulder muscles, while always thinking the seat just might collapse out from under you at any moment. 410 more words

The Beginning

You gotta start somewhere...

So this is it… I’ve started a blog… As if I don’t have enough to keep me busy…

This will be a way for us to stay connected with friends and family and give them a small peek into our lives. 166 more words

The Beginning

First Impressions

Sheryl Crow was right, the first cut is the deepest. Similarly, the first post is the hardest. I want to be engaging enough to draw you in, but subtle enough that you don’t realize that I’ll inevitably disappoint you. 233 more words