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They start off with the basic alphabets, which I already know hiragana and all of the other alphabet’s funtions, but it’s still kinda cool. I feel ike I’m going to have to sit through learning all of them. 8 more words


Here and there...

Ok…I’ve tried the Briyanis at many outlets in Chennai. They don’t even reach the basic standard level. Either it tastes like tomato rice (red color) or pepper rice (black color) or curry leaves rice (green color) with a piece of chicken in it and to add to my anger, one boiled egg will be occupying most of the place in that small container.   495 more words

The Beginning

cat lady.

Really not in the mood for drawing tonight so just did a quick cat sketch. Never have drawn a cat before, which is surprising for me. 153 more words


The brick

I just got a message via facebook from my childhood friend who I shared most of the wild times as a kid growing up that he’s got stage 4 lymphoma.  1,010 more words


29 Weeks

To most people, 29 weeks doesn’t mean much. More than six months but less than a year, it actually seems kind of arbitrary. Of course, for us, 29 weeks is ever present in our lives. 322 more words

Baby Love

high cesarean rates

So a lot of news articles are coming out lately with reports about how US cesarean rates are “extremely high”.

I had a cesarean, and the reason was that my baby’s movement became poor and the heart rate kept having sudden drops to almost nothing during braxton hicks contractions. 806 more words



I am not happy tonight, and therefore am not happy with this drawing. But nonetheless I will still post it.
This is a picture of me (one in my profile) with a wee quote that just kind of came to mind as I was drawing. 35 more words