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'The best things in life are free.' Write about some of the occasions when you have found this to be true. (English O-level 2014, Syllabus 1128)

‘The best things in life are free.’ Write about some of the occasions when you have found this to be true.

Let us start with the proposition that it is often not easy to do the right thing. 660 more words

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In the Days Before FaceTime

“If I Had a Talking Picture of You” was recorded for the 1929 film, “Sunny Side Up” starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. It’s performed here by Belle Baker, who was born on Christmas day in either 1893 or 1895. 65 more words

Jack Kerouac on Kindness, the Self Illusion, and the “Golden Eternity”

Another great BP post I cam across. I have  never really explored Jack Kerouac’s work, but love the mindful, in-the-moment orientation of his writing. The connections he makes with nature, the earth, human existence, and the larger gestalt of the universe is really humbling and grounding. 495 more words


A good way to start the morning!

With today being my last day before my office closes for Christmas, it was already going to be a good day. But walking to the shower this morning I stumbled across this, and it smells amazing! 10 more words

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“The best things in life are free.

The second best are very expensive.”

Coco Chanel

Everything Else

Awesome, No-Money-Needed Christmas Gifts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over.

But we’re still feeling the pressure and have people that are difficult to please.  Which raises the question: 834 more words

Humble Musings On Today's Culture