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Bride Diaries Monday 18th August 2014

So the planning is well and truly underway. We have our names pencilled in at two reception venues and at the Abbey in Sherborne as well as our local Parish church in the village that we live in. 533 more words


Why I Reject North American Standards for Weddings

Every week I see multiple couples get married. No, strike that. Every week I see the setup for multiple couples getting married. You see, I work in a company that is part events venue, and it’s very popular for weddings and receptions. 725 more words

Woke up this morning...

OMG! I am getting married in exactly 5 months and 1 day!!

It seems like it’s still a long time to go, but time is slipping away without me realising it!! 60 more words


My Wedding Plan – Stage 7

We managed to strike off another item from our To-Do list last week. After searching for so long and been to so many jewellery shops, we finally decided on a pair of wedding bands from GoldHeart Jewellery. 692 more words



Each and every designer that took part in Fresh this year donated a garment or outfit to be auctioned off for charity of which the proceeds were given to the RNIB and their charity Action, with sales Fresh raised almost £730.00 which was matched by Boots Uk making our grand total raised a staggering £1.462.00. 15 more words



Graduate collection The Antagonist by Marco Duarte, his models walked to Our time by Amanda Jenssen.    

Models,  Leah, Izzy, Neelam and Milly.

Photos, Nikki Farrell and Tommy Couen.



Graduate collection by Taylor Aston, her models walked to Let it go from Disney’s Frozen.

Models, Izzy, Skye, Amy and Leah.

Photos, Nikki Farrell and Tommy Couen