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The Lesser Man

I’ve been watching this season of the Biggest Loser. I usually start watching a season – sometimes I finish – sometimes I feel like I don’t connect with any of the contestants, or the way they run the show bugs me and I quit watching. 666 more words

Day 18 - 157.9kg / 348.1lbs

Really weight, really? 3 days… exact same weight, haa…

Ah well, I’m not in it for the sprint… in it for the marathon… I’ll just repeat that to myself till I can consider it the truth after these 3 days. 465 more words


ESPN's Damien Woody looks like a new person after 'The Biggest Loser'

ESPN NFL analyst and former Pro Bowl offensive lineman Damien Woody returned to the network Thursday for the first time since June. He looks a little different. 293 more words


Day 17 - 157.9kg / 348.1lbs

Well, the deed is done and my doctor thinks I’m a lunatic for saying no to drugs that would put me out of action for a month, at least. 371 more words

Weight Loss

No writing necessary

Ever since Survivor debuted 14 years ago, reality TV has forever changed our viewing options. Yes, there have always been some “reality” TV out there, like the ones on HGTV and a few on TLC like A Baby Story, but the truth is, there are entire networks now where that’s all they show. 275 more words

Robyn DeHart

TBB on Meredith Vieira!

On October 24th I appeared on national television on the Meredith Vieira show! It was an amazing experience and I learned some valuable healthy eating lessons! 71 more words

TBB Lifestyle

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon on being newly single, juggling fatherhood and more. Plus, Nick plays “Incredi-Bull” where each time he answers a question wrong the mechanical bull he’s seated on speeds up. 63 more words

Meredith Vieira