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Sunday Cygnet!

Today I’ll deviate from the Silent Sunday ritual… you’ll agree this lad deserves his own Sunday show!

Happy new month!!


Watch These Parents and Kids Talk About Sex

Most people at some point or another have gone through the awkward and slightly uncomfortable experience of having the “sex talk” with their parents. Hey, someone has to do it! 130 more words


Tea for Two

If you desire some stimulation
   I'll brew you a cup of tea;
And if you desire some relaxation
   I'll make it caffeine-free.

But spiked or not,—black, green, or Grey,—
   No matter how it's took,—
Tea's best enjoyed on a rainy day
   In a threesome with a book.


An Étude in Cross-Pollination in Bee Major

Bouncing, boundless butterflies,
Bouncing in the balmy breeze,
Bouncing in the boundless skies,
Bounce between the brown-barked trees,
Bounce on by the bumble bees.

Buzzing, zipping bumble bees,
Buzzing in the zesty skies,
Buzzing in the zesty breeze,
Buzz into the butterflies—
Bumping— makinging butterbees.


Girl Penises

So James likes his penis. He likes it a lot.  Don’t all little boys?  Actually, don’t all boys, big or small?

James once built us a robot out of Lego. 282 more words

Girls And Boys

This Little Girl Completely Loses Her Mind Watching Two Turtles Humping At The Zoo

The lucky child got to witness the rare and beautiful mating display of … well, two male turtles during a trip to the zoo. I’m not sure how old she is — I’d have to guess around three or four? 69 more words

Web Culture

In Open Air

Chile so hot (and never heavy),
Drive me like you drive your Chevy:
Often and daily, here and there,
Beneath the sky,—in open air.