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Happily Ever Afters & Classic Halloween Movie Picks

“Are the birds going to eat us, Mommy?”

From The Birds, 1963, Universal Pictures

What happens in Jersey stays in Jersey… Not.

October brings with it not only colorful autumn leaves and Jack O’Lanterns but my annual trek to New Jersey to attend the New Jersey Romance Writers’ awesome Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. 962 more words

Delynn Royer


Who doesn’t hate that expression when life gives you lemons make whatever. Because when you’re running and life gives you a hill, I mean, really, what are you going to do? 470 more words

HitchcOctober Day 20: The Birds

Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) is the wealthy, carefree daughter of a newspaperman (not a man made out of newspaper, that would be biologically impossible, he’s a man who runs a newspaper, stop being so silly). 1,061 more words


REVIEW: The Birds

I am truly terrified of birds.  I know its a ridiculous phobia and it doesn’t cause me any functional impairments, really, so I just live with it.   726 more words


Classic Hitchcock: "Crows Attack the Students"

This scene is supposed to be funny … right?

All hail Hitchcock!

All hail Hitchcock!

All hail Hitchcock!



Night 14, The Birds

31 Nights of Horror, Night 14: The Birds

Three sentence review:

All Hitchcock films are scavenger hunts of symbolism and macguffins, but The Birds is the Gospel of effectively using sound in horror. 110 more words