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Turkey Shoot

This is my first turkey shoot since the turkeys have grown.  Their heads have grown. I have spent so much time watching their heads grow I’ve forgot to show you.  451 more words


A Decade in Film: The Sixties – 1963

A series where Failed Critics contributors look back on a particular decade in the world of cinema, choosing their favourite films from each year of that decade. 2,043 more words

A Decade In Film


Like some kind of Irish version of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, one Irish politician has decided in the age of austerity, poverty and high unemployment, that people should stop worrying about cancelled Garth Brooks concerts and should instead focus on the very real problem of………seagulls… 193 more words

The Birds...In Your Mind and In Your Backyard

Good fiction should cause an emotive response. A master storyteller can make the reader feel any emotion through their words; Severus Snape can make you cry, Anne Shirley can make you laugh and Ignatius J Reilly can make you throw up a little in your mouth. 449 more words

Living With The Carruths

Why have I never heard of Daphne Du Maurier?

 It was but a mere few months ago, I eagerly awaited a copy of Du Maurier’s The Birds which would arrive via the mail. I got it then left it in a pile of other discarded books before finally reading it last week during my holiday in Croatia. 405 more words


The Intent

When we submit our miniature exhibits to the Flower Show, we have to write an “intent.” This is a 50 word summary of our exhibit. This summary, which is posted with the exhibit, informs the viewers (both the judges and later the audience) what story you hope your exhibit tells. 585 more words