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Serendipity Returns

I have been busy lately rediscovering my interest in photography. This is something that I have always been interested in. The intensity of my interest seems to be cyclic increasing and waning over time. 475 more words

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Not So Classy, But Still Chic

Okay now, Ladies! I’m about to have an intervention with all you party lovers (I’m talking to all my ‘legal’ viewers obviously). So I’ve been hitting the town a bit lately and have been becoming increasingly horrified by the amount of beautiful women walking around the city, at all hours of the night, wearing next-to-nothing. 188 more words

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Send Now

Anyone remotely interested in online privacy should read this article in Wired, http://www.wired.com/2014/08/edward-snowden/ by James Bamford. A few months back I read (probably also in Wired, but I’m not sure) that Edward Snowden violated the law himself by stealing user passwords and hacking other user accounts. 552 more words

Edward Snowden

Fascinating - I Am Sara Jayne Townsend, crime and horror writer

Today’s guest, Sara Jayne Townsend is a UK-based writer of crime and horror. She was born in Cheshire in 1969, but spent most of the 1980s living in Canada after her family emigrated there. 755 more words

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Don't Mind The Dust

It has been a couple of years since I considered seriously blogging and a lot has changed for myself, my family, and my gaming group in that time. 349 more words


in the quiet

i teach holy yoga because there is something about creating a space for people to come.
because, i just show up and invite god and he comes and ministers how he sees fit. 307 more words

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Trader Joe's: Revolutionizing the Grocery Store Experience

In college, Trader Joe’s has been many of our “go to” grocery stores.  It’s a frozen food wonderland, a bad chef’s playground.  Hardly anything takes over 5 minutes to prepare.   226 more words

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