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5 Products Worth Repurchasing

The beauty industry is a tricky thing. We are bombarded with millions (billions?) of product releases, advertising, and marketing campaigns on a daily or hourly basis, that makes it incredibly hard to figure out what works versus what just has an excellent marketing campaign? 412 more words


The Body Shop brought Vineyard Peach back! Plus special edition Early Harvest Raspberry

I’m back! I took a longer break than anticipated due to a sprained ankle, and won’t be quite on point just yet but I’m getting there. 196 more words


My Current Skincare Routine

So I have recently started to actually take some sort of care towards my skin, because I realised I am getting old and its going to be with me for a pretty long time so I should do more than haphazardly take my make up off and use a face mask once in a blue moon. 264 more words


The Body Shop Hair Chalk (Review & Hair Styles)

Lately I keep seeing more and more people dying their hair all crazy kinds of colors and sometimes it really does look so cool.  I have to admit I’ve been picturing myself with maybe pastel pink hair in my head but I know I couldn’t go through with it. 636 more words

Review: The Body Shop Shea Body Whip*

Now, you know I’m not usually one for body lotions, so when a mere lotion can impress me, it’s gonna be a good one! I wouldn’t normally have picked up the  245 more words


I have always gravitated towards The Body Shop as a teenager and that continues into my adult life.  One product that I loved since then was the Vanilla body mist. 82 more words


This is my first design for my social campaign poster about supporting ‘Cruelty-Free International’.

The Body Shop supports everything cruelty free so I thought that this would be a good campaign for them to support as it fits in with their message. 189 more words