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Me: What time does it say on the oven, ?
Seven-Year-Old: Aaah! I’m dizzy!

The Body

I'm Not My Body

I’m not my body.

It’s nothing but a flesh vase

Holding the real me.

The me that was before this,

The me not of this world, 24 more words


Blessed Sundays

My life is a beautiful story written with flourish, in life and love, by my creator. Every image is a thankful shout of praise to the Lord for all that he has given me. 39 more words

35 Mm

Every Child

In wrong-minded perception, every child who appears to be born here is a spirit who is hiding out from God!!! Their birth is an attack on God. 259 more words


Distortion Paintings

I wanted to start adding colour to my work and chose to do so through paint. I first created a painting inspired by a different one of my line drawings using watercolours. 110 more words


The radical malleability of human embodiment

Before my first BJJ training session I read about this martial art in Wikipedia. There I discovered that two of the basic positions “Mount” and “Guard” refer to”[I]n the mount position the practitioner sits astride the opponent’s chest, controlling the opponent with their bodyweight and hips…”, and “the practitioner is on their back controlling an opponent with their legs…In closed guard, the bottom grappler has their legs around the opponent’s trunk and has their ankles closed together to provide control and a barrier to escaping the position”.  287 more words

Saturday thoughts on Good Friday

Behold the man upon a cross,
My sin upon his shoulders.

The cross is heavy. It wasn’t so long ago, he remembers, that he could do anything. 856 more words

The Marrow