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Character study: Augustus Sloane

Sometimes, if you want to understand a thing, it helps to start small. And you can’t get much smaller than aactur[1].

[1] Well, technically… 1,576 more words

The Book Of Pinian

The Rumour

There was a rumour – it would be a myth, but the sort of people who talked about it were of the hard-boiled science-and-reason variety and simply could not be having with myths – of a device. 488 more words

The Book Of Pinian

Starting Small: teaser

A bit wiped out for the moment, assembling information and trying to figure out where it should all go. For now, I’m just going to scan some of my scribbled sticky-notes and post them here, as a sort of teaser. 167 more words

Hatboy's Nuggets Of Crispy-Fried Wisdom

That Day (Way Backstory 3)

Ariel drove directly to ‘the office’. On this occasion ‘the office’ happened to be a closed set in the middle of Timor Park, one of the few green zones remaining within walking distance of Perth’s central business district. 1,762 more words

The Book Of Pinian

Interlude: The Map

By popular request (well, by vague hint of interest from a couple of people who are really very popular with me), I thought I would take this opportunity (and my new scanner) to post up a map of the urverse. 645 more words

The Book Of Pinian