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Review - Lovestruck

Jake and Rosie fell in love fast. Before they knew it they were married with kids, and happily living in a cramped flat in London. All the while Jake struggled to make it as an actor – waiting for that big, lucky break.

236 more words
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Book Review - Bitter Wash Road

The press release promised a new Rebus: quite something to live up to. The classic ‘cop who wants to do the right thing but never follows orders’ character is frequently done, but personally I can’t get enough of protagonists who endanger their careers, and sometimes lives, for the sake of doing the job well. 239 more words

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Videojournalism, Round Two: Broadway's Used Bookstores

I like bookstores. Used bookstores. If you don’t, then just keep it to yourself.

Or maybe this video will spark a passion you never knew you had for musty old buildings full of rotting paper and sweaty misfits. 845 more words

The Centennial State

A Short Story (By me!)

The trees blurred past me, wind in my face, breath in my lungs. My lungs; they were burning, screaming at me to stop. But I couldn’t back down now, I had gone too far. 102 more words

Short Story

Madam Reads- The Group by Mary McCarthy

Written in the 50s, published in the 60s, and set in the 30’s, The Group is one of those books that should become a right of reading passage for every woman, and men if they so please. 612 more words