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I got dumped (and lived to blog about it), Part 1

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I heard this quote months ago and it really stuck with me. Not the ‘relationships are simple’ part, because that’s bullshit, but the idea that every single romantic relationship that I have in my life, aside from (hopefully) one, is inevitably going to end. 1,639 more words

Break-up blog #3 - Rebounding

When I split up with my ‘now ex-boyfriend’ (as I like to call him) I had no urge to ‘rebound‘. The thought of ever liking a guy again in any capacity exhausted me. 419 more words

Boys & Men

6 Steps To Getting Over A Break-Up and Becoming Whole Again

Today we have a post from our guest blogger Akia Walton – a Communications Consultant and Blogger. Check out her blog at http://becomingquietstorm.wordpress.com and follow her on Twitter @BeingQuietStorm. 1,383 more words


Psych series review

Psych Series review

Wow, you know this is actually kind of sad to say good bye to a show that I basically saw through my teenage years almost all my teenage years to be precise. 884 more words


It's only the lack of drugs....not that the reason matters

The feeling of loneliness and detachment, heaviness and fatigue, and the constant hangover-like feeling I’m having in the world is only because I’m lacking in drugs (another self-inflicted stupid action that I’ve taken).   299 more words

Team Channing! Jennifer Aniston Wants ‘Sexy' Tatum To Be Her Next Leading Man

Jennifer Aniston got so hot and bothered watching Channing Tatum play a stripper in Magic Mike that she wants him to be her next leading man, RadarOnline.com has learned! 214 more words

The Apple Of My Eye

I knew as soon I got my hands on her that she was the one. Those smooth, elegant curves sucked me right in. It was love at first site. 1,091 more words

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