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Watching the Detectives

To accompany the start of the second series of The Fall on BBC2 I wrote an article on the new generation of female police detective for  8 more words


The Bridge

For as long as I can remember I’ve kind of taken it for granted that there was a good chance that the mode of my death would be suicide. 2,035 more words


Rockers Joe Elliott, Joey Santiago, Al Jourgensen Set for Film Debuts Via Indiegogo Campaign

Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Joey Santiago of the Pixies, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, and Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister are making their feature film debuts in “The Bridge” through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, … 123 more words


Random musings – perceptions of autism/The Bridge

It’s infuriating online when people talk about their kids whom they suspect may be autistic, list their reasons why and then say that they don’t think they can be autistic because they have empathy, because they are very verbal or sociable or affectionate. 756 more words


Rotate Your Mind: The Bridge

I’ve written before that, when it comes to video games, I tend to enjoy titles that have a little bit of artistic value and some intellectual challenges (you can begin writing your “pretentious hipster” rants in the comments section below). 529 more words

The Written Word

Looking at the new bridge at Blackwell's Island

Does any painter capture the raw, gritty energy of turn-of-the-century New York City like George Bellows?

This painting, “The Bridge, Blackwell’s Island,” was completed in 1909, not long after the Queensboro Bridge opened, solidifying the modern metropolis. 90 more words

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TV Season Mini-Reviews: October Edition

by Matthew Thompson

I have really been enjoying the mini-review structure I’ve been utilizing for both games and TV pilots. It is a great way to check in on the myriad of things I finish up and I’m hoping to extend that into individual seasons of TV throughout the year too. 1,186 more words