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All fired up for Sunday skirmish

Sunday mornings are made for sleep-ins (or an attempt at one), morning walks along the river, trips to the markets and if I’m lucky, a lazy brunch in the sunshine. 806 more words

The Bucket List

Our Bucket List

The Bucket List tells the story of two men from completely different worlds who happened to be in same hospital room when they received news that each had a short time to live. 279 more words

The Bucket List

I think that it’s a fairly universal characteristic for people to have a list of things they want to complete before they die. Or, to use the common term, a list of things to do before they ‘kick the bucket’.  487 more words

Bucket List

What is the Bucket List- Morgan Freeman explains

I Love this movie- brings waterworks every time I watch it!

Witness something majestic baby, ride a Mustang Shelby, sky diving- WHAT IS ON YOUR LIST! 19 more words

Bucket List Coach

Friday Film Club: The Bucket List (2007)

I apologize for the lack of post, all! My work life has been a little on edge lately. I have also tried to be a morning person, but that hasn’t worked out so well. 513 more words

Film Review

Day 354/365: Live Without Regrets

I really am grateful for the movie, The Bucket List, because it reminds me how short life is and how we should really live it fully and joyfully. 40 more words


I got dumped. By text.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how if I owned a food truck, it would be an ice-cream truck called Stone Cold Heart and I’d play empowering break up songs and sell delicious flavours like Don’t Be Sad Salted Caramel, You Deserve Better Strawberry, But I’m Lovely Lime and, what I suspect would be a best seller, He/She Was A Bit Crap in Bed Belgium Chocolate. 539 more words

The Bucket List