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Moses and the Burning Bush

Exodus 3

(paraphrased, of course)

Moses was tending Jethro’s flock (it says it’s his father-in-law, but I thought his name was Reuel??) and led the flock to Horeb, the mountain of God where the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush, although the bush didn’t burn up.  475 more words

Project 365

My First Blargh

“Why not start blogging?”, God said through the burning bush. Before this, I didn’t even like the word “blog”, so he had a lot of convincing to do. 15 more words


Daily Riches: Stopping for the Bush that Burns (Walter Rauschenbusch) *

“O God, we thank you for this universe, our great home; for its vastness and its riches, and for the manifoldness of the life which teems upon it and of which we are a part. 300 more words