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Fastian, Free Chapters!!

Firstly, my apologies for the lengthy absence of updates on here. I know, I know. I should be making more of an effort to post a few times a week, but I find when I’m writing (that is, working on my novel) that it’s quite difficult to separate myself from my fiction brain to bring you something of the witty and non-fiction.

Jay Finn

STORIUM–A Game for Writers (no asshatery allowed)

Have you ever participated in one of those ongoing stories on a writer’s forum – the kind where each participant writes a paragraph or so and then the new person comes along and adds the next piece of the story, and so on? 662 more words

The Art Of Writing

A Very Effective Piece

As a proud literary nerd, I have a soft spot for puns, alliteration, irony, and pathetic fallacy. Despite all those fancy words, I cannot — for the life of me – remember the difference between… 77 more words

The Business Of Writing

Profit and Loss Vs. Me

There is an Ebook download alert at the end of this, I promise. But I have a few things to get off my chest, first… 643 more words

The Business Of Writing

Exposure, not Exploitation

A few years ago I was flipping through an issue of Writer’s Digest (or one of the similar industry mags) and they had a piece about the problems with the internet and how it would impact freelance writing and the ability for writers to make money. 893 more words

I Am Not a Unique and Beautiful Snowflake (About writers for writers)

This is repub and modest edit of a post made April, 2011. I still think this is true.

I just read another “Why Do I Write?” article. 760 more words

The Art Of Writing

How to be an Author Sidekick

I know we’re all writing because we want fans who buy our books and tell us how great we are, but you don’t get very far in the industry unless you ‘re willing to play a supporting role, too. 815 more words

Christine Haggerty