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How To Grab That Coveted Online Audience

By Adam Dreece

There’s nothing like finding readers live tweeting your book as they read it, or finding them promoting your book to their friends. It’s one of those things that a couple of months ago, I looked at other authors on Twitter and wondered just how they did it, and could I do it? 997 more words

The Business Of Writing

One Horn to Rule Them All: The Story Behind the Purple Unicorn Anthology

When Kevin J. Anderson visited Kobo’s Toronto HQ, he told us about the origins and production behind ONE HORN TO RULE THEM ALL, an anthology published by Wordfire Press, which Kevin runs with his wife Rebecca Moesta. 961 more words

The Business Of Writing

15 Things a Self-Published Writer Should Consider

I thought this infographic was was worth noting. Some of this information is outdated and doesn’t consider e-book publishing at all. Still, it has some sound advice and a picture of a typewriter. 29 more words

The Art Of Writing

Work/Life Balance: The Craziest Weekend Ever, Part II

Behold! The long awaited (not really) sequel to the blog post detailing the insane adventure of going to The Writer’s Digest Conference while simultaneously attempting to manage my son’s fifth birthday weekend. 2,468 more words


You have to get down in the weeds to win

You have to consider your writings as products and market them if you ever hope to show a profit. The “Art” of writing well is a skill you have acquired over time and through a great deal of effort. 642 more words

The Business Of Writing

I'm a published author!

Hello, Dear Reader! 

I finally put my head down and published my first book 11 days ago, 119 Style Boosts from the Size15Stylist.

I was responsible for everything from writing, drafting, editing and proofing, to technical details, pricing and marketing. 64 more words


Redefining “Support”: What You Need To Know In Order to Support Yourself As A Writer

By Jennie Jarvis

I’ve been teaching writing – either via workshops or in a professional institution like at a University – for over 10 years. While my students and the kinds of writing I teach have changed, one thing has always remained the same: I always get asked the same question. 997 more words