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The Role of an Editor - Interview with Lucy Cuthew

Lucy Cuthew, an editor specialising in children’s and young adult fiction, became a freelancer in 2011 having spent several years as a commissioning editor at Meadowside Children’s Books. 719 more words

The Business Of Writing

When It Rains

Fun fact: Freelance writing sometimes sucks, but not always for the reason you think.

As everyone always says, it’s feast or famine. In the beginning, it’s mostly famine. 488 more words


Challenge Accepted!

by Ron Hayes

Okay, I’m doing it. Color it a cop-out entry from for this month, but I’m taking Jennie up on her challenge. While my Catholic upbringing will continue to nag at me that this won’t be a “real” post (since I’m not generating any new, original thoughts of my own), I’m going to run with it because, if I’m being honest with myself—and, by extension, with all of you—I have to face the fact that as this December rolls in, I find myself in quite a similar situation as Jennie did last December: discouraged, unsatisfied, and anxious about the future. 784 more words


Got paid and also got my edit letter from Disney

Today, I got an invoice from Disney’s royalty department, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to get paid within a week. It will be good to have the money. 371 more words


Financial Freedom on the 8.15: How to Make the Most of the Writing Time You've Got

By Mark Dawson

You might be reading this on a train or a bus. If you are, have a look around. What do you see? People with their heads in newspapers. 1,170 more words

The Business Of Writing

Ann-Marie MacDonald On Writing Aspects Of Yourself Into Your Novel

By Jenn Shenouda

It’s hard to be a writer and not come across that old cliché “write what you know” at least once in your career. 547 more words

The Business Of Writing

Wattpad: A Powerful Tool for Book Marketing

By Linda Poitevin

If you’re a writer and you haven’t yet heard of Wattpad (or you’ve heard of it but dismissed it), you’re not alone…and you may be missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. 1,048 more words

The Business Of Writing