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Who is Woe? Woe is me.

I’ll admit, I get a big kick out of telling people I write smut.

Like, a really big kick.

Smutty smut, with all the good C-words—except “cum” because it doesn’t feel like a real word, but that might change by this time next year when I’ve run out of creative terms for spooge. 295 more words

Aspiring Author

The "Other End" of the Big Cabin

The Other End of the big cabin belonged to my grandfather’s brothers, Bill and George. The other end was separated from Chet and Mary’s End… 428 more words

The Cabin

Paul & Paloma

I was once told that I’m a winter person. I worried that it meant I have a frosty persona (which I was fairly sure was not true!), until I was told it was just an indication of the types of colours that I am drawn to and that represent me. 284 more words

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The Big Cabin

My grandfather was the second youngest in his family and could not have been more than 35 when the cabin was purchased. His brothers weren’t much older. 313 more words

The Cabin

Clearing the Land

If I had a time machine I’d set it watch my grandfather and his brothers begin the work of clearing the land where our cabin is situated. 146 more words

The Cabin

As Above, So Below

And so, to finally come to a point of stillness such that an orange and black patterned butterfly rests on my hands as I pause a moment while washing the breakfast dishes in a bucket. 323 more words


3 Ways To Wear Leather

Everyone who knows me is fully aware of my obsession with certain fabrics; leather, cashmere, suede, silk… you name it, I love it. Of all the lovely fabrics to get touchy-feely with leather has to be one of my favourites. 329 more words

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