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ELA 9 (Period One) "The Cage" Reflection Questions

Attached to this post are The Cage reflection questions and the map of Europe that was handed out in class

The Cage Reflection Questions

Blank map of Europe


Laugh, Face Palm, or Both?

With all the crap that has been swimming around in my head lately, I almost forgot to post this funny happening I witnessed on Twitter last night. 365 more words

The Cage

Ten years. Ten years of hiding in dank tunnels and abandoned subway stations. Ten years of hiding my mutilated face from the light. Ten years since those religious zealots cut off my ears and cut out my tongue for speaking against the Ordus. 3,008 more words

Short Story

Throw Back Thursday (3)

Avery stuck to the shadows as she tiptoed toward the cages, careful not to make any noise. If she was discovered, she might end up in one of those very cages.

117 more words

Scattered Ramblings on Society

A major problem with any sort of rant is a lack of explanation regarding the subject of said rant. I have mentioned society numerous times, yet I haven’t divulged my thoughts upon what society actually is. 1,471 more words


Adventures - What Have We to Lose?

So sometime ago, I wrote this article on adventure and escapism. I feel like expanding on it, so I will do so. One of the points I made was about going out and doing something both crazy and exciting. 1,258 more words