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Oooooh, Pick Me! Pick Me!

Remember when we were little kids and we really, really wanted the teacher to choose us to answer a question or help her with some special task? 274 more words


Outside, there are bright echoes of the birds.
Whistles and responses, calls and caws.
I hear them nightly and, in the summer light,
They are the music that puts me to sleep…

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The Flame In The Lotus: Poetic Musings On Amida

Call me...And I'm not talking about a Blondie song

For anyone who was raised Catholic, as I was, when you hear  someone has received The Call, you immediately know they have been “spiritually called” to join Holy Orders. 761 more words

Romance Writers

The Kitten Saga ... The Sequel

Yesterday morning, the phone rings; it’s the vet’s office, the receptionist to be precise.

I was trying to read the spaces between her pauses, her utterances of “Uh” and “Ah,” and I knew . 496 more words

The Call

Directed by Brad Anderson, The Call is a film about a 911 operator’s determination to save the life of a kidnapped teenager. Whilst in the car park of a shopping mall, Casey is stuffed into the boot of a car by a strange man and calls for help. 171 more words


Sierra Full of Joy 2

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to every one who came out to give!

Christmas time is upon us! Giving is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and I’m so happy this year we were able to help make Christmas a wonderful time for local foster kids.   160 more words

Fort Smith Arkansas

Singled out on purpose for a purpose

Are you paying attention? Do you recognize the signs of the times? Now don’t get nervous and run off. I just want to know if you are in tune to the changes taken place all around. 482 more words