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Occasional English from China

But what sort of English? If it anything like most things you can get in China it will be dreadful!

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The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

The Cat

More from the UK's geniuses.

We all respect someone who is clever, they always know what to say, they always do well in life, but sometimes it is nice to spare a thought for the ‘others’ who are… how can I put this without being rude? 619 more words

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#Meet Justin

My youngest daughter just got a new Pushchair dangly thing, a Beaver (you can tell it’s a Beaver by the faithful, natural colouring and design of course) and I was asked to give it a name. 412 more words

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There’s only one thing to say about Edeet Ravel’s The Cat: Wow!

This was by far my favourite book among the Evergreen Nominees. Ravel’s writing is amazing; I didn’t feel like I understood the Elise - I felt like I was Elise. 85 more words


Is this sign for the English

Below is an election poster for a Romanian politician I wonder if it’s for all the English people who expect millions of Romanians to migrate to England when they joined the European Union, only to discover that they err… didn’t. 401 more words

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I thought I would move away from pictures of badly translate and altogether daft signs today and share a couple of pictures of Dogs.

I like Dogs in the main, which is odd for a Cat but then most people seem to think I am an odd Cat so that sort of works doesn’t it. 407 more words

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Playlist: Where The Action Is #19 - Thu 10 July 2014 - K107FM

Welcome to this week’s show, the 19th tune-filled episode of Where The Action Is from K107FM, and our normal wonderful mix of mod, soul, beat groups, popsike, sunshine pop, freakbeat, ye-ye and girls from the late 50s through to the early 70s. 939 more words