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Zig Zagging With Pope Francis

Did you hear what Pope Francis said about marriage over the weekend?

When you think he is going to zig, he zags. 

Two weeks ago the media was reporting with breathless anticipation that the Synod of Bishops on the family was on the cusp of changing the Catholic teaching on marriage to allow for same sex unions.  746 more words


Handing Jesus the Loaves

For the last five years, I have read everything Catholic that I can. Mostly I read the Catechism and Papal Documents. Thanks to the Interwebs it is pretty easy to read any number of things written or said by any given Pope at any given time in History. 1,599 more words


Marriage, Smarriage

In Ross Douthat’s column in yesterday’s N.Y. Times (“Why I Am A Catholic”) Mr. Douthat shared, amongst other things, why he supports the Catholic Church’s take on marriage, including “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” The Catholic Church is not big on divorces, apparently. 611 more words


The Screwtape Letters for Modern Times

I have just come across this brilliant piece of work mimicking C.S. Lewis, which was posted on the blog Etheldredasplace (wow – that’s a mouthful ‘aint it?): for the original post, … 1,615 more words

Everyday Life

Penance for the Catholic Church

Regularly, I take a dog I care for to a beautiful catholic church property not too far from where I live. The grounds are lovely, expansive, peaceful and manicured. 431 more words

Church Opulance

Pharisees and Spades

I woke up this morning to news of the mid-report from the Synod. Things just got crazy pretty fast from there. Elizabeth Scalia has two great posts up already and then… 1,174 more words