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#46 21113 The cave lego minecraft (not micro)

welcome back and today i am going to show you THE CAVE!

welcome back Steve! today your going into a cave with zombies and spiders! 237 more words


This weekend we added SEVERAL new games to the Game Room (look in The Cave on the navigation bar at the top of our website pages). 211 more words


Talking Heads / Crosseyed and Painless

Talking Heads / Crosseyed and Painless

Lost my shape Trying to act casual! Can’t stop I might end up in the hospital I’m changing my shape I feel like an accident They’re back! 1,044 more words

the cavern is I 

This cave is all I’ve ever known.

The shadows dance upon the walls, images I’ll never truly comprehend.

Arms and legs shackled. I wish to move from this place, but even unbound, I know not another life. 49 more words

Weekly Trophy Tip - The Cave - Remorse

This week’s trophy tip comes from The Cave. This is a small little game that I got for free on the PS+. By playing this game you’ll not only be playing an interesting little story revolving around the lives of seven different people who are kinda shitty, but you’ll also be picking up some pretty rare trophies along the way. 272 more words


I Are The Internet

I think the internet’s a beautiful thing that allows me to connect to pretty much anyone at any time. I have friends in the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, England, Seattle, Caltifornia, etc. 378 more words