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Digital Humanities in the Academy and Antisocial Media

In the broadest of senses, this week’s articles are focused on the digital — how we as writers, academics, and human beings should contend with the changing milieu of the digital landscape.   149 more words

Social Media

What do faculty salary reports reveal?

With faculty salary issues in the front page (or the home site) of every major higher education publication in the U.S., the American Association of University Professors has contributed a new element to the debate. 260 more words

Higher Education

"Administration," "management," or something else?

Along with other right-thinking people, I have always believed that one should call a person or group whatever they tell you they want to be called. 619 more words


The (sad) life of an adjunct teacher

“Alex Kudera’s Fight for Your Long Day is likely to provoke post-traumatic stress reactions in anyone who has been a college teacher. Unlike most academic novels that feature the first-world problems of tenured professors, Kudera’s is about Cyrus Duffleman, a depressed, saggy, almost-40 adjunct who makes, he calculates, about $10 an hour teaching courses to disengaged—and sometimes mentally ill—students at universities all over Philadelphia.” 44 more words

Campus Novel

Citing a Tweet: A Legitimate Source?

“There was online chatter recently when the Modern Language Association posted its style for citing a tweet. This didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was the amount of backlash from commenters who are still shocked at the idea of Twitter as a legitimate source of information for scholars; who cling to the idea that Twitter data consists only of what millions of users ate for breakfast; who not only choose to remain stubbornly ignorant of the technology, but are willing to boast of it in public.  69 more words


Ghostwriting, Public Colleges, and The Problem of Busyness

This week, our article picks span a wide range of topics — from an inside look at a contentious ghostwriting situation, an expose on higher education funding, and a case for free time in the academic field. 222 more words


Behind the Scenes of the 2013 AAUP Survey

Annual report gives the low-down on the highest-paying universities in academia.

Ever wondered how much professors are paid for their efforts? Well, there’s a survey for that. 1,348 more words