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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: The call for unity and love

Every time the Apostle Paul gives any extended teaching about the gifts of the Holy Spirit he also teaches about love and preserving unity in the fellowship. 1,338 more words


A New Feminist LOW... Openly Exploiting Children

WARNING: The language in this video is extremely offensive and graphic! If you want to watch it, just click this link: fckh8/shopify.com

The feminist movement has sunk to an ALL TIME low with this campaign using little girls to push their agenda by dropping F-bombs, flipping off the viewer and spewing false information… All to sell a t-shirt! 243 more words


Sex, Lies & Video Tapes - The Sermon I sent to Mayor Annise Parker

Okay so this post has the potential to offend, challenge, liberate, and shock the reader. If it offends you, then you’re offended for the word sake. 1,059 more words


HELL: A Fierce Jesuit, by John Casey

From After Lives

A famous exponent of Jesuit eloquence was Jeremias Drexel (or Dresselius), a Bavarian Jesuit who lived from 1581 to 1638.  His specialty was eternity.   1,614 more words


SATURDAY READING: Exorcism As Therapy, Michael W. Cuneo

From American Exorcism

During the 1980s charismatic deliverance ministry in the United States seemed intent on settling down, finding its bearings, getting a grip on itself.   7,455 more words

Saturday Reading

THE CHURCH: Exorcism And The Path To Deliverance, by Jose Antonio Fortea

From Interview with an Exorcist

What is an exorcism?

The rite of exorcism is the official ritual of the church in which a demon is ordered in the name of Christ to leave the body of a possessed person.   2,471 more words


EXORCISM: The Vatican's Exorcists, by Tracy Wilkinson

Driving Out the Devil in the 21st Century


Caterina seems the picture of normalcy.  Tall, blue-eyes, and blond, the forty-five-year-old Italian woman has the slender, taut body of the professional dancer she is.   1,774 more words