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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

We’re told that large numbers of Americans refuse to consider the claims of Christ because they believe churches are unloving or unscientific.  For a long time, I didn’t really challenge that idea.   668 more words

The Church

Looking for the City

“But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them.” 10 more words

The Church


1 Samuel 1:1-28

The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 1 a seemingly simple story. No story in the Bible is really simple, but compared to miraculous events such as healing a blind man and feeding 5,000 people, the importance and significance of this story sometimes goes unnoticed. 461 more words


Brain Dump - August 15, 2014

Once my schedule shifts into summer mode, I try to capture a variety of random ideas and thoughts into a weekly brain dump.

  • Robin Williams was one of the first actors I ever recognized and truly appreciated.
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The Church

SACRAMENTS: The Church, The Home Of Love, by Evelyn Underhill

From An Analogy of the Love of God

The Church is Cruciform

When the Christian looks at the crucifix, he looks at that which is for him the pattern of all perfection; the double revelation of God’s love towards man and man’s love towards God, the heart of charity.   1,621 more words


SACRAMENTS: The Church As The People Of God, by Louis Weil

From Sacraments and Liturgy: The Outward Sign

From its inception the Oxford Movement was concerned with the question of the nature of the church.  Their appeal to “the Primitive Church,” with their use of the doctrine of Apostolic Succession as a sure link to the church’s early origins, was a means of affirming the authority of the church in an ever more secularized world.   1,930 more words


THE HOLY SPIRIT: Breath, Bread, and Beards, by Phyllis Tickle

From The Age of the Spirit

One of the central and more fundamental of the differences between West and East was what we today might simply call a variance of the imagination.   1,167 more words

Holy Spirit