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Safe And Sound.

Hi Guys!

Today I have put up the music video of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. I like this song but the funny thing is I don’t own it yet, but I will soon. 14 more words

Better off alone..

It’s a little funny to me how, for an instance, life can seem so perfect. And then, before you know it, everything falls apart. It’s like the tides of the ocean; a constant ebb and flow. 508 more words

Artist of the Day - Sunmonks

7 billions years from now, the sun will consume all of the hydrogen fuel in its core and explode in a fiery inferno, eliminating all life on this planet as we know it.   215 more words

Sharing the Gift of Noisetrade

In 2006, my fandom of Derek Webb was at an all-time high. His album “Mockingbird” had rocked my world emotionally and spiritually. I was given the album as a gift and was hooked from the beginning. 412 more words

Song of the Day - Tracks in the Snow by The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars are no more. This isn’t recent news but it is still eternally sad. This was a singing/writing duo that the world has never seen before and probably won’t see again in my lifetime. 195 more words

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