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My relatives are flying overseas until January, which leaves me in charge of maintaining the bills for not just my place, but theirs too. I feel like that’s a hell of a lot of responsibilities on my head since I can just about manage my own life, but I’m convinced there’s someone out there who’s probably had a lot more crap to deal with in terms of responsibility than me. 94 more words


The Code

If you ever meet me, or already know me, chances are high you’ve heard me talk about “The Code”. I will refer to it over and over in my blog posts (I’m sure) so it’s best if you know what I’m talking about right from the start. 299 more words



The Code of Good Scientific Practice constitutes a framework for self-regulation. The content has been supervised and updated as part of the remit of the PRBB Good Scientific Practice Working Group (GSP Working Group).The GSP Working Group… 210 more words

The Code

1. Supervision of researchers in training

1.1. Assignment of a supervisor
All individuals linked to a PRBB Centre either through a contract or grant in order to receive some form of training… 315 more words

The Code

2. Preparation of research plans

2.1. Written projects subject to scrutiny by outside parties
Prior to their initiation, all research projects must be formulated in a written research plan. If the project directly involves humans, experimental animals, or human embryonic material, the text must have been independently assessed by an ethics committee on clinical research and/or animal experimentation. 579 more words

The Code

3. Recording, documentation, storage, custody, and sharing of data and biological or chemical materials arising from research

3.1. Data collection and storage
All research plans must include a system for collection of data, registries, and biological or chemical material arising from the research, along with a plan relating to their custody and storage. 648 more words

The Code