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My Goodbye to The Colbert Report

“If this is your first time tuning in… I have some terrible news.” – Stephen Colbert on the last episode of The Colbert Report.

I’m still refusing to accept that I watched the final episode of  673 more words


Colbert Final Sing-along

I finally got around to watching the final episode of The Colbert Report.  There is probably no show I have watched more often since the show began.   198 more words

The best and funniest newspaper corrections of the year. Stephen Colbert goes out with a bang. And Rex Ryan loses one more soul-crusher to Belichick

It is of course the time of year when we are all inundated with lists, best-ofs, and other reminders that the 12 months we just lived are about to end, and a new year will start. 746 more words

Farewell to Colbert

The last Report has been delivered and Stephen Colbert is on his way to CBS — with his entire writing staff. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert… 331 more words

The Truthiness Is We'll Miss You, Colbert

It’s not often that a show on Comedy Central makes such an impact. In 2012, after Colbert’s episodes about Super PACs, a study showed that those who frequently watched… 130 more words


Seeing Literary Stars

Previously, I have written about one of Nashville’s more interesting features. The fact that famous people can be seen almost anywhere at anytime. Several months ago, we saw… 264 more words


Letter From New York 12 20 14 Christmas is happening...

It’s been a pleasant day in Claverack.

I woke early and went down to the Farmer’s Market. I’ve developed a passion for the Sea Salt and Onion cashews offered by one of the vendors there. 576 more words

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