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Exploring Different Audiences/Voices Within the Publishing Industry: Word Arcadia's Mission

By Will Ashton

Despite being more than a handful of articles into this blog, it has come to my attention that I have never truly explained what exactly my intentions are here. 329 more words


JRN 329 #3 - Emerging Media

On March 28, 2014, Time Magazine published an article: “#Cancel Your Outrage: Stephen Colbert Is Not a Racist.” This article was posted in response to an onslaught of angry, offended Twitter users who started the hashtag… 1,394 more words

Obvious: Don't Ever Appear On Daily Show

Or watch it. And when a reporter interviews you, always make your own copy of the recording.

The Media

Stephen Colbert Is Furious That A Russian Firm Is Acquiring American Institution Pabst Brewing Company

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Stephen Colbert just found out that a Russian firm is acquiring “All-American” Pabst Brewing Company. The Russians controlling PBR, Colt 45, Schlitz, and Old Milwaukee is a devastating blow to grandpas and hipsters (and, let’s face it: American exceptionalism). 86 more words


How to Be a Live TV Audience

Comedy Central’s two main franchise shows are both recorded in a part of New York City called “Hell’s Kitchen,” a section of Manhattan that extends about 25 blocks south and west of Central Park and west of Midtown over to the Hudson River. 1,182 more words



New Miss America: Miss Ohio’s dummy

Rowr: Stephen in a kilt!

Public enemy #1: Raisins in salad

Disapproving aunt: Lindsey Graham
True Statement: 30 more words

Colbert Report


A new royal baby: STEPHEN’S PREGNANT!!!

A real thing: Pavlok

Stephen Colbert’s Wrist Pad: attach an iPad to your arm

Hometown Hero: Detroit for the Fago alarm system at the fire department… 55 more words

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