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Paris Jones - The Cold War

A couple weeks ago Paris Jones released his March EP and today he is back with an official video for his lead single “The Cold War”. 29 more words


The Cold War

The Cold War

The Cold War was fought predominantly between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. It was different from any other war America had fought in; there was no large scale fighting directly between the two countries and neither one even declared war. 1,325 more words



By William Nicholson
Quercus – £16.99

Reckless quintessentially takes one back to a time when, dare I say it, Great Britain was perhaps (indeed) great. 553 more words


The Nukes of Hazard on Able TV

We all know the story about how the United States and the Soviet Union almost began lobbing nuclear weapons at each other over a dispute in Cuba and how a politician with nerves of steel stood up to the Kremlin and saved us all from death, destruction, and miserable short lives for anyone who survived such a war. 1,810 more words

You can't always begin at the beginning

It’s not the romance of the train but the pleasurable ordinariness and freedom – no interrogation beforehand, no metal detector, nothing to alarm you. You don’t leave the ground.

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What I might have called this blog: skunkworks

This is a reference to the special projects lab at… I think it’s Rockwell. They were involved in the SR-71 ‘blackbird’ – a recon plane which could fly faster than anything shot at it. 67 more words

Just Thinking

Test review for next week

Test Review for next Tuesday

What are some key difference between communism and capitalism? Be able to explain several. Not explicitly linked to quiz.

Why did the United States create the Marshall Plan?   64 more words

Social Studies 10