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Either governments need to stop these attacks or acknowledge that it's impossible

From the New York Times:

The Boston Marathon bombers made public comments about their beliefs, and this guy in Canada definitely showed signs but yet he was not prevented from an attack. 38 more words

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The war in Iraq was about freedom, not revenge!

From the Guardian:

This is one of those four Blackwater dudes who just convicted of a 2007 Baghdad bloodbath.

‘Payback for 9/11′ doesn’t sound very idealist to me. 17 more words

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The people in charge do not know what they're doing

From Huffpo:

2 months? ¬†Wow, that’s some awfully impressive cybersecurity JP Morgan is offering their customers.

And they’re supposed to be the best of the best of the largest American banks. 34 more words

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There's your cash money, corporate Democrats 'of the people' party!

From CNBC:

Yes, there he is, supreme bullshit artist, New Jersey’s own Wall St. fellater, Corey Booker!

Doing the people’s business while taking big Wall St. 22 more words

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Scott Brown continues to fly the douchebag flag high!

From CBS News:

Didn’t Republicans invade Iraq, put in their own handpicked tyrant that kicked the shit out of the Sunnis that got together and formed ISIS? 62 more words

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Bill Maher ignorant re: Muslims, right on re: po po

Not sure where I got this headline from:

Speaking of going mental it looks like the cop who killed Michael Brown is moving towards freedom as somebody leaked the autopsy and it shows Michael Brown was shot in the hand and probably at close range. 92 more words

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Simpsons' duder exposes the sham progressive Obama legacy

From the Daily Beast:

We’ll let that quote just hang in the air like a really smelly fart.

Outperformed by the hall of Fame American fascist Nixon — that’s just plain sad, people.

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