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Surveillance state USA!

From Slate here:

 As the Baltimore Sun reports, Detective John L. Haley, who works in Baltimore City police’s phone tracking unit, denied that his unit…

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U.S. to continue destroying Afghanistan in 2015!

From Slate here:

President Obama reversed course on his previous decision to end American troops’ combat role in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

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Super Pumpedness = Disease = Sociopathy!

Earlier this week I put up a list of personality traits that the next Internet Death Star Uber looks for in their employees.  The last characteristic is ‘super pumpedness’. 99 more words

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Mike Brown 148 feet from Officer Wilson when he died?

From here:

Police claimed — and the media repeatedly reported — that Brown was killed 35 feet from Wilson’s SUV, a distance at which police can reasonably be said to be in fear for their lives.

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Obama protecting torturers to protect his drone program?

From the Huffpo here:

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), who served as intelligence committee chair before Feinstein, was furious after the meeting, and accused the administration of deliberately stalling the report.

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Good, go ahead, light the fuse!

From CNBC:

I don’t know who voted for these assholes in the mid term elections, and I voted third party, and a lot of folks stayed home, but we’re going to see again real soon that one of the foundational concepts of the modern Republican Party is hating non-white American, hating women, hating gays, and hating non-Christians.


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How Netanyahu's summer war is ruining Israel?

From the New York Times (pretty sure):

Combine the European sanctions with this week’s synagogue attack (how could you say that this week’s attack has nothing do with the destruction of life and property in Gaza?) and you might say that this summer’s 50+ day relentless bombing of Gaza has damaged Israel. 32 more words

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