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2 Grade A douchebags have a bromance!

From Bloomberg here:

It’s not just a former Wall Street fellating politician and a white collar criminal banker ruining the economy, they’re fucking friends!!! 8 more words

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Doesn't that just make you feel warm and fuzzy/we're all on the same side?

From NBC News:

Who gives a shit, it’s just the working class, right?

It’s not like they need the money.

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Let's go on the Round 2 Iraq quagmire!

John Boehner, the Weeping idiot:

Oh yeah, this has been a high quality discussion about the roots and history of this group of terrorists (that we created!). 7 more words

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Why didn't Ferguson police chief apologize to Michael Brown's family in person?

From CBS News here:

Because the Ferguson police chief doesn’t really give a shit how Michael Brown’s family feels, he hired a PR firm and he’s trying to salvage his reputation with the general public by giving a half baked video apology. 27 more words

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Don't tell me Wall Street has nothing to do with climate change

From Bloomberg:

As one of the main ideas against the Keystone pipeline is to not further invest in dirty fossil fuel infrastructure, it’s pretty hard to see how the human race is going to start weaning itself off of coal if folks are still pouring money into that business.

The Collapse Of Civilization

Rich people get to say the system is rigged, anybody else is a Communist/hater

From CNBC:

This is an awfully big number to manipulate but you can see why our warmongering politicians would rather fuck with the numbers and then go chase terrorists around rather than be truthful.