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This will definitely lead to more dead bodies

From the Guardian:


The world can look forward to these horrible little mini-wars, murders, racism….all the good stuff.

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Google and NSA share the same hookers, they're tighter than they let on

From Salon:

While we’re all on the same side here in America (ha!), it’s clear that there are people controlling the network and there are people just on the network. 51 more words

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More proof that civilization is going backwards

From the Daily Beast:

They’ve unearthed a law passed in 1351 by Edward III to charge UK citizens fighting for ISIS with treason.

How many volumes of British law were cracked open to find this gem? 37 more words

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F*ckface Idiot Bush lets CIA hold the torture bag by itself!

From here:

I guess this is the correct judgment as Bush was mostly playing Legos and masturbating for most of his 8 years in office.

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