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Why should I give two shits about the Sony hack?

Sony is a large multinational company that I’m agnostic about — I don’t loathe them as I do Facebook and the Google, but I don’t love them either.   238 more words

The Collapse Of Civilization

Once more with feeling -- the great miracle of globalization!!!!!

From the BBC here:

Apple says it is dedicated to the ethical sourcing of minerals, but the programme found evidence that tin from illegal mines could be entering its supply chain.

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Haven't we spent 10+ years building the Iraqi military?

From Huffpo:

At the same time, Terry outlined a long fight ahead, cautioning it would take several years to build necessary capabilities of Iraqi forces, who crumbled during the Islamic State’s offensive this summer.

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Ah, the 'facts' in Ferguson are looking more than a bit shaky

From here:

A new report from The Smoking Gun calls into question the testimony and character of a grand jury witness who corroborated police officer Darren Wilson’s account of shooting Michael Brown.

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Zombie America should be ashamed of their pro-torture views

From here:

Physicians for Human Rights called for federal investigation on CIA torture program participation, calling rectal feeding technique ‘form of sexual assault’

Pew Research published a poll saying that a majority of Americans feel torture was okay, is okay, might be okay, is fine because they flew planes into our buildings, is justified because we’re #1, is fine because they’re not white people and they’re not human.

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Gov. Franken-Cuomo woke up and realized everybody hated his crooked ass

From here:

ALBANY, N.Y. — Handing environmentalists a breakthrough victory, New York plans to prohibit fracking for natural gas because of what regulators say are its unexplored health risks and dubious economic benefits.

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Post 9/11 cops have morphed 'protect and serve' into 'obey and STFU'

From here:

“How ‘bout this? Listen to police officers’ commands. Listen to what we tell you, and just stop. That eliminates a lot of problems…The nation needs to realize, when we tell you to do something, do it, and if you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and if you’re right, the courts will figure it out.”

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