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What if you added in the employed and discouraged?

From here:

I know our fabulous ruling class would rather focus on the employed/unemployed axis rather than the encouraged/discouraged axis, the discouraged rate in the wake of the Great Recession, which was instigated by folks at the top?

It’s pretty fuckin’ high.

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Shame on you, and pass the ammo!

From the Guardian here:

If terrorism is defined as the killing of civilians for political/national purposes, then Israel is conducting a terrorist war against Palestinians in Gaza. 16 more words


Heckuva job warmongers!

From Business Insider:

Doesn’t that just make you feel proud to be a part of such a professional, freedom loving country?

There’s no greater gift to an emerging democracy fighting a civil war than tens of thousands of free weapons.

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GMO seed pimps round the bend and enter kookie land!

From here:

This is just classic PR babble.

The GMO seed companes will not sit down for labeling!
Translation: The GMO seed companies are victims here. 94 more words