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How sad to be nothing more than a price whore sidling up to Amazon's trough for consumer piggery

From here:

It’s his job to get the lowest price possible, even if that means supporting sweatship labor, or polluting the environment, or some other ill shit on the producer side of the equation. 100 more words

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Gov. Rick Perry advancing his political career using ISIS paranoid fever!

From Bloomberg:

Terrorists, real, imagined, or inflated are an absolute gold mine for politicians.

They sweep away scandal, indictments.  You don’t need to fix the broken economy, you just have to go kill some brown people.   33 more words

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James Foley's death aftermath vs. Michael Brown's death aftermath

In the aftermath of James Foley’s beheading video there has been no shortage of people in power clamoring for a change of policy to prevent further events like this.   138 more words

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Collateral damage comes back to haunt James Foley

From the Global Post here:

Now, of course, in the Grand American tradition, nobody listens to what people like Osama Bin Laden and ISIS have to say. 44 more words

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So that's 300 dead Palestinians as a proportionate response

From Reuters:

So three Israeli teenagers were murdered and Netanyahu killed 1900 Palestinians.  So that’s a 633 dead Palestinians for those murders.

And if an Israeli citizen was slightly injured that probably should be good for 300 dead Palestinians.

Mostly children.


Maybe we shouldn't be building so many tanks

From Reuters:

Sounds like we have all the symptoms of tanks coming out of our ass.

If they’re being used on American citizens and blown up as surplus…. 31 more words

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Dollar signs at the War/Spook Machine HQ after terrorist sword rattling!

From the Huffington Post:

Nothing better for business than a bad guy waving a black flag.

Of course, it’s 5,000-6,000 cruel assholes in the middle of the desert but that will be enough to scare the shit out of a nation of 330+ million people.

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