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After this total f*ckup head of NFL will hold himself accountable!

From Business Insider:

Boy, I wish I could screw shit up at that level and not lose my job over it.

It must be nice to be in that other world of powerful people where you can invade the wrong country, or enable wife beating at a league wide level and walk away unpunished.

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This does not surprise me (at all)

From here:

I think folks think of slavery (at least Americans) as happening in a field somewhere.  And it still does!

But it happens in modern, well lit facilities that look legitimate.   27 more words

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So it turns out that terrorists (for a long time) have assumed monitored communications

From the Intercept:

I’m gonna have to go with the common sense approach here.

Terrorists aren’t stupid, they’re not cray, and they know that their political enemies are monitoring communications. 13 more words

The Collapse Of Civilization

New York State's bat shit crazy Muslim hater throws gasoline on the ISIS fire!

From Business Insider:

Don’t we have some sort of security to prevent this from happening?

Isn’t this what the giant Spying Machine is for?  To keep us safe, right? 26 more words

The Collapse Of Civilization

World leaders vow to crush threat they created with their warmongering

From the Guardian:

This part about world leaders creating ISIS through their reckless warmongering isn’t getting much traction.

ISIS is Dick Cheney’s and George Bush’s Iraq lovechild.

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I guess only Communists appreciate clean water

From CNBC here:

More cocked up bullshit from the liberal media at CNBC.

Yet another case of who gives a shit as long as it makes money.

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