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Let freedom of speech ring like a Stalinist fart!

From the Intercept:

The folks who fight the wars for us should know even more so they know what they’re fighting for, right?

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OMG, is he saying there's different policing in black communities?

From here:

How dare he challenge the White Man and his Crime Data?

Just the other day I saw an article saying that stop ‘n frisk will be expanded to the Upper East Side of Manhattan due to an uptick in Wall Street thievery.


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Tweedle-Fascist and Tweedle-Clueless!

From CNBC:

I know that the Republican party loves a good fascist and a racist, and they love anyone who makes money, it could be Satan himself but really? 59 more words

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Happy Frickin' Financial Speculation Ponzi Day!

Nobody making the holidays in this country gives two craps about American labor, so we should all stop pretending otherwise.

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71% of Americans are correct

From CNBC here:

Media cheerleading and an artificially inflated stock market have done as well as Bush did in Iraq.

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