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Bill Maher ignorant re: Muslims, right on re: po po

Not sure where I got this headline from:

Speaking of going mental it looks like the cop who killed Michael Brown is moving towards freedom as somebody leaked the autopsy and it shows Michael Brown was shot in the hand and probably at close range. 92 more words

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Simpsons' duder exposes the sham progressive Obama legacy

From the Daily Beast:

We’ll let that quote just hang in the air like a really smelly fart.

Outperformed by the hall of Fame American fascist Nixon — that’s just plain sad, people.

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Former Spooks don't have to follow Spook Rules

From the Washington Post:

I have been long baffled by the respect and deference shown by almost everybody to the CIA/Spooks. ¬†Maybe it’s all the Hollywood movies/propaganda. ¬† 99 more words

The Collapse Of Civilization

Dear Chris Christie, you're neither loved nor respected (you're an asshole)

From Huffpo:



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This will definitely lead to more dead bodies

From the Guardian:


The world can look forward to these horrible little mini-wars, murders, racism….all the good stuff.

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Google and NSA share the same hookers, they're tighter than they let on

From Salon:

While we’re all on the same side here in America (ha!), it’s clear that there are people controlling the network and there are people just on the network. 51 more words

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